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  • Artistic License
    11.3K 352 7

    Meet Annette, an artistic prodigy. The quickest connection to her soul involves a piece of paper, colored pencils, and an abundance of creative space. When she's involved in a devastating accident, she's lucky to walk away alive. However, once she discovers that she has lost her memory and use of her right hand, she's...

  • Beyond Infinity [unfinished]
    98 4 1

    | On-going | Short Story | 3-5 Chapters | Slow Update | Updates will depend on my mood |

  • Halikan Kita Dyan Eh! (Published under PSICOM)
    9.8M 126K 53

    “You chose the hard life, I chose to love you.”  Ara Loraine “Rayne” Yen-Sia has everything. Luke JoPierre Zamora Cariño has her heart. And he chose to break it. She chose to run away from everything. She’d moved on and he’s still stuck.  “Bakit mo kailangang mag-move on, when it was you who first let go?”

  • One Shot Stories and Poems
    1.3M 36.5K 9

    A compilation of Alyloony's short story :)

  • Taylor Swift Songs One-shot Stories
    16.2K 309 9

    It is a collection of my own interpretations of Taylor Swift Songs. I found her songs very inspiring and meaningful that's why I decided to make one-shot stories for them. Taylor Swift is the BEST! (^O^)

  • Last Dance (One Shot Story)
    1.1K 30 1

    Ang pinaghandaang Prom. Once in our life ang Junior Prom. The moment na kinilig ka buong gabi para lang mahulog. (This is based on a real life event.)

  • Write Ups!
    5.2K 80 13

    Poems/Short Stories/Essay

  • Mistake (ON HOLD)
    34.2K 662 37

    TAGALOG---Tiffany tried her very best to make Xian fall for her. But how will she fight for a love that was never hers?

  • Strawberry Lies (Completed)
    30.4K 627 13

    TAGALOG--- After failing to confess her unrequited love to the boy that she loves for 6 years, Hana found herself desperately moving on from a relationship that she never had. A series of unfortunate events happen when the ultimate casanova of their school stole her first kiss. But what if she suffers from amnesia? Bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Eerie Girl
    120K 2.5K 48

    TAGALOG---True love knows no fear but what if ghosts and eerie things interfere? Would you dare to risk your heart or will you let your fear eats you up?

  • Words
    25.8K 384 37

    Compilation of poems and random words.

  • Volleyball. Ü
    9.6K 380 2

    "I wish love is like a volleyball. You say "MINE" and everybody backs off"

  • Casanova Prince Meets Casanova Princess
    2.7M 27.5K 76

    Casanovas. Known as cheaters, users, playgirls/playboys, third wheel people, heart breakers... What if they meet their own kind? How would they feel? HEARTBROKEN? Or will they be able to fall in love perfectly like never before? ♥

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Yours -- completed
    6.2K 163 44

    Attention : NO PLAGIARISM Copyright © 2012 by summermelon All rights reserved -- Si Mia ay babaeng Manhid sa pagibig Si Ace naman nakilala niya si Mia dahil sa pagpunta sa White Resort nila.. Ngayon anong mangyayari sa storya na ito? --- read the prologue

  • Three Minutes (ON-GOING)
    16.2K 830 38

    Yael and Christine are bestfriends, but are they really just best friends? Are they more than that? would you take the risk in sacrificing your friendship for love? :D

  • NAKUHA SA TITIG (one shot)
    35.7K 1.2K 1

    "Lagi mo lang titigan ang crush mo, para makuha mo siya"

  • First Crush, First Love, First Heartbreak.
    255K 2.9K 36

    Ako si Jillian. Maganda, matalino, masungit, madaming manliligaw, lahat na. Pero kahit ganon, NCSB at NBSB ako. Bakit ba? E sa yun ang gusto ko e, paki mo ba? Magbasa ka nalang kasi :P

  • A Woman in Disperse
    749 28 4

  • Jayzelle and Eman's Love Story
    5.7K 224 3

    ☛ℕℴ ℑℴ ℊℛaℳℳaℛ ℕaℨi☚ BEWARE: truth or dare may lead to LOVE ME OR NOT. EijeiMeyou®

  • A Broken Hearted's Diary
    8.8K 326 6

    ☛ℕℴ ℑℴ ℊℛaℳℳaℛ ℕaℨi☚ What will you do when you know that your end is near? EijeiMeyou®

    1.4K 30 4

    all of my short stories are here:)

  • Give Me a Reason to Live
    96.4K 3.1K 29

    ☛ℕℴ ℑℴ ℊℛaℳℳaℛ ℕaℨi☚ Jessie's body is in comma while her soul is searching for a reason for her to have her life back. Kailangan niyang gawin iyon bago ang unang patak ng ulan sa taong iyon. Ang unang taong makakakita sa kanya ang dapat magbigay sa kanya ng dahilan para mabuhay... pero magtagumpay kaya siya kung ang u...

  • Misfortunes of Love (MOL)
    25K 146 91

    Sa isang relationship, parati na siguro kakambal ang LQ o pagtatalo hanggang sa magkakalabuan tapos magkakasiraan na at kung di na kayang maayos pa, worst na kapag humantong na ito sa break up. Pero minsan, may mga relationship na kung tutuusin, almost perfect na, kaso nga lang fate would find a way just to make them...

  • Love Precaution
    101K 1.5K 52

    Sabay silang lumaki. Hindi sila close at lalong hindi sila magkasundo! Pinakasal ng mga lolo & parents nila. Dyuskembang! Walang araw na hindi sila nagbabangayan at asaran! xD Saan kaya sila dadalhin ng tadhana kapag napasok sa isang sikat na banda ang asawa niya? Hay nako! E, alam na! *wink* :D

    126K 1.8K 15

    *Ang Nakabukas na Zipper *A Thousand Crush *Maid In-Love *She Courted Him *Blind Painting *A Very Long Sad Story of Love (KathNiel) *Ang Pinakamasarap na Coke *Silent War *The Runner

  • It started with a Kiss.
    139K 2.2K 38

    After the accidental kiss? what happened? "You must pretend to be my girlfriend for almost 6 months infront of everyone, especially my dad" - MARK "We need to make my *love who has a girlfriend now* jealous" - SANDRA = PS: read the story :)

    38.3K 876 6