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  • Brown Sugarr [COMPLETED]
    357K 13.7K 32

    Summary || Plot "I was warned about boys like you." Folding her arms Moenice was getting hot under the stare of Theo's beautiful brown eyes. "Oh yeah. What exactly were you warned about?" Taking a step closer, Theo knew what he was doing, he knew how he made Moenice feel. "All boys just want one thing, they come...

  • Vitality • Suite 103 Sequel (COMPLETE)
    460K 22.9K 41

    The sequel to Suite 103, a Chris Brown love story. © ArtistryByBadu This story is not to be copied, reposted, plagiarized in any form.

  • What's Best For Me (Mature)
    1.2M 6.9K 12

    This is the third book in the "Unapologetically Me" series. If you haven't read "Unapologetically Me" and "A Silenced Gift" please don't read this story until you've read them. This is a spin-off following one of Fatima's best friends, Chanel Henderson, on her journey to find "what's best for her." For Chanel, meetin...

  • A Silenced Gift
    1.6M 19.7K 18

    Jaren "Jericho" Young is on top of the world. Both his career and personal life are finally aligned. His music is bigger than he ever dreamed it could be and he is engaged to a woman who he loves more than life itself, Fatima Ward. Fatima Ward is living her dream! Rather than pursue a career in medicine like her stri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unapologetically Me
    2.1M 28.2K 16

    Fatima Ward is a pre-med senior at Hampton University. Becoming a pediatric doctor is her parent's dream for her, but secretly Fatima wants to be a Fiction Writer. She finds herself fulfilling this secret passion by writing fanfics on the extremely popular online writing website, WriteNow. To keep her identity private...

  • Gotta Get It (Complete)
    1.3M 60.3K 45

    Bambi is a college student who craves to experience the real college life. Not the work filled, community college going one she had now. When she finally gets her chance to transfer Bambi packs her shit and high tails it. Hoping to have the best junior year imaginable, not even knowing the trials and drama that were h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sex Camp (18+)
    7M 102K 49

    •For Mature Audiences Only• Welcome to Lakeview's Summer Camp for the Undecider's, Ladies and Gentlemen! Hope you have a pleasurable stay. R-Rated.

  • The DILF (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    14M 348K 20

    *This is a FREE book with PAID exclusive chapters* [The Dad I'd Like to F*ck] "You should be careful," Devin said calmly, bending over to scoop Rory into his arms. "This bathtub can get incredibly slippery." "So I noticed," she said dryly. Mortified, she noticed how erect her nipples were. They stabbed the air like ti...

    Completed   Mature
  • { dele alli x trinity jackson } ~ ✨Life✨ {made up}
    68.9K 1.4K 67

    Trinity Jackson and Dele Alli have known each other for a while. One had feelings for the other, one has feelings for the other ; both are too stubborn to admit it. • • • • • {Book one of Life} ~ made up. To find book two of the series, go to my profile and you should it there💓 Big love x

    Completed   Mature
    502K 25.7K 45

    Completed   Mature
  • If You Let Me
    5.4M 218K 113

    "I don't wanna be just a memory And I don't wanna feel your wings break free Because without you I'm lost in the breeze I gotta be strong now, I gotta show you how I'll love you like I've never, ever loved somebody I'll give you things you didn't even know you wanted Don't tell me that it's not enough My...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dr. August. [TMAD series.]
    7.4M 121K 78

    "Being a sex therapist ain't all it's cracked up to be. Business is business." - Dr. August.

    Completed   Mature
  • Exchange || Bryson Tiller [ #Wattys2017 ]
    394K 20.1K 66

    "So give me all of you and exchange me, give me all of you in exchange for me..."

    Completed   Mature
  • Trap$oul | Bryson Tiller Story
    381K 22.7K 49

    Bryson Tiller is a single father who doesn't have life quite figured out yet. His baby mother is hooked on drugs and he's stuck taking care of her so that gives him no time to find someone for his self. With making music, spending time with his daughter, and taking care of his baby mother , he has his hands full. When...

  • L O U I S V I L L E || A Bryson Tiller Story
    205K 11.5K 53

    After Bryson's first love--who is also his baby's mother--decides to divorce him, he returns back to his home town in Louisville, Kentucky to clear his head and get back to the basics with his music. The last thing on his mind is getting into another relationship that won't last. That is until he is re-introduced to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rambo || Bryson Tiller
    271K 12.6K 58

    2016©| Childhood memories crowed my mind when I saw her smile or trying to remember the handshake from our childhood that I never forgot. She doesn't know I remember but if acting as if I don't will keep her around longer then I don't. We could spend hours together talking about nothing or just seamlessly listening to...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Babysitter
    585K 20.9K 22

    She watches his son. She's nothing more than the babysitter. Right? A Chris Brown original fan fiction. Finished, Smoking Mirrors is the sequel.

    Completed   Mature
  • Suite 103. (COMPLETED)
    2.3M 77.5K 44

    Chris Brown fanfiction. © ArtistryByBadu This story is not to be copied, reposted, plagiarized in any form.

    Completed   Mature
  • Poetic Monaé • Tupac Shakur
    510K 24.4K 123

    "Wait till the paparazzi get a load of this..." "So what?, let em talk babygirl..." ___________________ Featuring a lot of your 90s favs! From Eazy-e to new edition ? So If you enjoy drama, comedy, the 90s and a lotta Tupac Shakur? This is the book for you X © // EazyDoezIt ✨ Started: «1/16/17»

    141K 7.8K 64

    ❝YO, YOU BE ILLIN'!❞ In which a group of black teenagers face difficult obstacles and series of unexpected circumstances as they live in the rebellious streets of Southern California in the late 80's. STARTED: 9-17-16 COMPLETED: 6-23-17

  • Gangland III
    846K 40.8K 62

    "The finale piece to my story in Schaefer, a true Gangland." - Josh.

    Completed   Mature
  • Gangland II.
    899K 40.6K 57

    "I honestly thought that this would all be over once my cousin got arrested, but the games in Schaefer had JUST begun." -Josh.

    Completed   Mature
  • What's Really Hood
    1M 46.7K 59

    || Chris Brown || Trinity has never been to the hood or even imagined what the hood would be like. That's until her and her father moved out to New York from the luxurious California. There, she meets a group of urban kids where she experiences crime, death, and violence. What's really hood.

  • Selfish
    156K 7K 32

    Those butterflies you feel in your stomach comes from me, but you fail to realize it because you're selfish. You deny that you want me, but I know that you do. You smile the pain away, but I see right through it. You're broken, but you refuse to show it. Why? Because you, my love, are selfish.

    Completed   Mature
  • New Flame (Chris Brown Love Story)
    224K 6K 38

    Chris has it all. Much more than he expected. But his route to the top wasn't easy and in result to that, he became a heartless person. As for Melanie, she's been through hell and back with about everything. She doesn't trust easily. When her and Chris cross each other's paths through friends, will things change or wi...

  • Opposites Attract | Kendrick Lamar
    184K 5K 19

    My Work #1 | March 2013 - July 2013 | Completed - previously known as Cartoons and Cereal, and Ignorance is Bliss - this was my very first story, sorry for how crappy it is but apparently people love it so i wont delete it Seventeen year-old, straight 'A' student, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, is your typical high school...

  • INTERNATIONAL - (A Chris Brown Fan Fiction Love Story)
    342K 8.9K 39

    CONTAINS CHRIS BROWN MUSIC IN EACH CHAPTER. :) Kerry and her best friend, Ruby, are just normal girls who are both obsessed with Chris Brown. But when Chris turns up in their local area, Chris begins to fall for Kerry. As their relationship begins to blossom, Ruby becomes jealous. When Chris announces his European tou...

  • Baton Rouge.
    3.6M 182K 76

    Bad boy, good girl, cliche happily ever after ending right? Well, not with Melissa and Jionni. One boy is free to do whatever he wants, while the other is sheltered and has her every move watched by her parents. At Baton Rouge High School, "hood boy" Jionni and his friends aren't too fond of the only girl in school wh...

  • Gangland.
    1.6M 58.3K 68

    "14th and Schaefer avenue is listed as the Number #1 dangerous city and most filled gang area in the United States. But what happens when you find out that a majority of your family members are the one's in these gangs? Well, my name is Joshua. Only being the age of 18, I know all about the good, the bad, the ugly, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sex Ed.
    2.5M 51.6K 34

    "Good morning ladies. I'm Mr. Brown. Sex Ed." This sentence began everything. And it was nothing like what any of us had expected.

    Completed   Mature