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  • The Florist | ✓ (#Wattys2016)
    114K 9.2K 11

    What do you do when your best friend could be the love of your life? Two alarmingly awkward, clumsy, sarcastic individuals bump into one another in a flower shop, and find that they're just as odd as one another. Told through nine moments, this is a story of life, love, friendship, and flowers. {Written 2016.}

  • Finding Gilbert Blythe
    291K 10.9K 21

    [COMPLETED] What if Gilbert Blythe didn't need to be found because he was under your nose all along?

  • Postcards
    19.2K 1.4K 25

    Stored in a keepsake box in her closet were a handful of postcards sent to her by the boy with whom she’d fallen in love; a boy who lived on the other side of the country. This is a story of love. Fate brought them together, but will the love they built from afar withstand when distance no longer separates them?

  • Falling for You
    140K 1.7K 29

    Yes, falling is embarrassing and painful. Falling into the arms of the hottest guy on campus, that's life altering. A/H fluff piece

  • Remember Me
    28.8K 508 11

    I sat across the room from her as she slept. It had been weeks since the accident. "Edward," she whispered in her sleep. The only hope that I still had that she remembered.

  • Dancing With the Enemy
    49.5K 1.2K 11

    Four years have passed since twenty-four year old Bella Swan broke up with her fiancé of six months. After dating Edward Cullen for three years, the couple finally became engaged... Until Bella was presented with evidence to suggest that her beloved fiancé, the man she'd give her life for, had been cheating on her fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lips of an Angel
    355K 8.2K 43

    Isabella Marie was changed in 1956, after being attacked by the nomad vampire James. Decades later, she is working as a psychologist in Forks, Washington, with a better family than she could ever have hoped for. But when Edward Cullen comes into her care, Bella's immortal existence is about to be turned upside down...

  • Seducing the Good-Girl
    106K 3.8K 24

    'If I thought wrapping you in a hug would make it better, I would.' *** The Swan family is loaded. Literally. Bella Swan has grown up bathed in the riches of her world-class surgeon father, and her award-winning interior-designer mother, and is, consequently, the most innocent girl known to man-kind. Not head-strong a...

  • The Secret Double-Lives of Strangers on Trains ✓
    29.4K 2.2K 1

    There is an intangible magic to the secret double-lives of strangers on trains. She spends her journeys gazing out at city lights outside the window of the train. He watches strangers on the seats around him. Two strangers living off the stories of strangers, with only one journey to find their own. {Written 2013.}

  • The Hunted
    28.7K 1K 17

    Vampire hunter: a person who specializes in finding and destroying vampires. That was what Bella Swan was. From an early age, she'd been trained by her father to hunt down the soulless demons that roamed the earth, feeding off of humans. After her father's death, Bella continued to follow in her father's footsteps...

  • Love, Masen (A Twilight FanFiction)
    9.6K 238 4

    Bella Swan, the air hostess to a private jet on rent for 6 months to a stranger. Edward Cullen, CEO of Cullen Industries, going by the name Masen. When Edward disappears from the world, can Bella convince 'Masen' to bring him back? Or is there something more? A short story about love, pain and living life to its fulle...

  • Wild Turkey
    64.4K 2.4K 21

    Bella Swan's life had been turned upside down, but she hadn't thought things could get worse. She was wrong. Life as she knew it was over the minute her father drove them pass the sign that said Welcome to Wild Turkey Island, Alabama, population 1,200. Yeah, life officially sucked.

  • Thriller Suite: New Poems
    409K 2.5K 5

    In Thriller Suite -- appearing serially for the first time on Wattpad -- Margaret Atwood has gathered these new poems inspired by her long history as a reader of strange tales, from 19th century gothic classics to ghost stories to crime fiction and thrillers. Poems that cross thresholds...

  • Living Royal
    776K 12.1K 41

    Bella Swan, college student, never thought her college experience would be beyond average. That is until she meets and falls in love with the Prince of England, Edward Cullen. Nothing is ever easy for those too as they try to prove to the world that they belong together.

  • In The Right Key
    64.1K 1.1K 24

    Bella Swan has a passion for music. She gets lessons to learn to play the piano, but her teacher may not be who she expected. . .and her life will change drastically, in more ways than what might be predicted. A bit OOC. Canon.

  • The (Unofficial) Wattpad Writer's Manual
    29K 583 11

    The "unofficial" manual that will help you write better! These are the basic tricks that I use when creating my own stories, with insider tips based on the different things I have observed while attempting to read other works. A short, unbiased collection of chapters that highlight how you can instantly make your stor...

  • Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward friendship story)
    209K 2.2K 30

    'Trust me' takes place at the end of New Moon, and is compatible with the world Stephenie Meyer created except that vampire venom does not kill a wolf. So when Jacob gets bitten by Victoria, what happens when Edward finds him? And how does this event influence the events that occur in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn? My sto...

  • He Left Me...
    146K 1.4K 30

    What would happen if Bella Swan never jumped off the cliff? If Edward's plan followed through and he delayed his return until she was 21 and engaged to Jacob Black? Would he stick around to watch and protect her, even when she wasn't his?

  • Don't Let Go
    1.1M 20.8K 25

    It was pure luck that Hannah Avery was driving on the same bridge that Tristan Hunter was ready to end his life by jumping off of. They had never really been friends, but were both aware of the other's existence. Now this horrific event has bound them together - something that neither of them is quite prepared for.

  • Changing The Future (On Hold)
    2M 21.8K 70

    What if Bella and Edward both got a set of four books called Twilight? Can Their future be changed? Can all the wrongs be done right? This is their story. Its not bad! Try it!

  • Crescent Sun: Twilight Saga After Breaking Dawn (2nd Place Watty Awards 2011)
    2.6M 30.5K 31

    Bella and Edward are living peacful after their fight with the Volturi. But a visit from the Denali's is going to change that. How is Bella going to react when she finds out that Tanya wants to steal the love of her life? Could Edward leave her to be with Tanya? Or will Tanya try to kill Bella so she will be out of th...

  • Esme's Diary
    248K 1.9K 30

    My name is Niki and this is my interpretation of what could have happened in Esme's life before Twilight and after Breaking dawn. Some of the content used has been sourced from Twilight lexicon. I own nothing, I am merely a fan continuing her love for the twilight saga!!!! All work, other than the twilight character n...

  • Still Dawn: The Saga Continues
    4.4M 24.5K 76

    My interpretation of what COULD happen after breaking dawn, I own nothing, Stephenie Meyer owns it all, Any Comments or suggestions gratefully recieved, I'm hoping to upload at least once a day, so please bare with me. Thanks For Reading! Please Join This Storys Page On Facebook, Just Search For Still Dawn: The Saga...