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  • With Your Love
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    ******READ A BIT OF MY LATEST CHAPTER TO SEE HOW MUCH MY WRITING HAS IMPROVED LIKE HONEST ITS SO CRINGEY I CANT****** Falling in love with your best friend seemed too cliche for my liking, so me and my best friend always knew we weren't going to do just that. However, life is so unexpected and before I knew it, I had...

  • The Sunflower Affect. (Ed Sheeran)
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  • A Danisnotonfire Fanfiction [on hold]
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    Courtney is obsessed with youtubers. When she discovers Danisnotonfire, she never expected to meet him the same day. After setting her best friend Carys up with Dan's best friend, Phil, they all become close. What will happen to their relationship? Will anything mess it up? (I'm sorry the title isn't very original l...

  • Thalia
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    Rose thought she was an un-awkward, high school teenager. Keyword: Thought. She had her own personal problems: homework, hormones, family complications, the brat—the list goes on. But her life takes a complete one-eighty when she participates in a round of truth or dare with her close, differentiating friends. Bei...

  • Keeping Distance (Harries Twins Fan Fiction)
    • Lissizzle
    • 2 Parts
    • Updated Dec 07, 2012 08:38PM
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    Lizzie and Lissa are in for one of the biggest rides of their life when they both find something they least expected to find in college.. Love. They knew Uni would be hectic, but when you add the Harries Twins into the mix, things get much more complicated.

  • Best friends with A Player.
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    Zane Collins and Maya Raynes have been best friends since Childhood. Zane's your typical Jock, Good looking, Hot and a total player. And Maya?- well she's just his average best friend. Zane get's it easy with the ladies, one wink and they go head over heels but the changes dramatically when a new girl Hope joins and...