lostyetfound's Reading List

  • No Matter What
    113 1

    The life of Rachael and Thomas as the work through whatever life has in store for them. Can the beat the odds or will fate win in the end. Can she end up happy...

  • Flying with Broken Wings
    116 6

  • Get me out of here
    3.2K 173

    "The buff security guard shoved me into the cell that I would have to sit in for the next ten years." Time to take a trip to the FUTURE! In the not too distan...

  • My Music
    37 2

  • The Emo, Or The Prep? *emo prep arranged marriage*
    331K 2.8K

    The Emo Or The Prep? *Emo Prep Arranged Marriage* Emilee Morganstern has a good life. She has a big crush on her best friend, Dayton Robertson. The crush f...

  • I Must Be Dreaming
    1.5K 16

    In a perfect world, full of perfect people. Abrielle Brown struggles to find her place in this life. However, her magizine worthy family, does not help nor the...

  • Hell Is My Life
    61.6K 999

    Have you ever been abused? Raped? Well, Tear Drop Mary Jane Davenport has. She's abused everyday by her father. Shes raped every time her brothers friends...

    Completed   Mature
  • Age is Just a Number!
    16.2K 273

    Carli is a fiftten year old girl who is naturally beautiful, smart and has a great personality. However, she doesn't see any of that. However, that all changes...

  • Theres a hot guy on my roof.....should i push him off?
    402K 5K

    What would you do....if you found a mysterious guy on your roof? - Well this is is the Question Chloe is faced with one day when she meets Justin- the boy who...

  • Childs play
    133 1