Get me out of here

Get me out of here

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Dont be lazy, read on and find out! By Chaos_Legioner Updated May 15, 2011

"The buff security guard shoved me into the cell that I would have to sit in for the next ten years."

Time to take a trip to the FUTURE!
In the not too distant 2020, a girl called Stephenie Reece is put into jail. She needs to get out and continue her life of crime. 
Why does she do it? Well, you can all thank her beloved "DADDY" for ruining her childhood and taking away her innocence completely.

She doesn't believe in love. Never had it. Until she meets an annoying teenage boy who is put in as a cell mate with her. It takes every bit of Steph's will not to punch him in the face every time he speaks. But after a while she starts to enjoy his company, and he is the only one who she can confide in. 

Now the problem is that Steph wants to escape, Ben doesn't. What will happen to the two love inmates?

  • 2020
  • africa
  • backflash
  • ben
  • blood
  • bít
  • cell
  • chanel
  • crate
  • criminals
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  • escape
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  • kill
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destinyrhymes destinyrhymes Sep 06, 2011
this is really interesting ... the first story that really really get me excited and want to read more 
                              your writing skills are amazing 
                              well done. voted ~
Intrepid_Imaginer Intrepid_Imaginer Jun 16, 2011
*Voted. Good beginning! There were some spelling and grammar mistakes. For example, "barred my teeth" is supposed to be "bared my teeth". Also, there were some run-on sentences, but don't worry about that. Haha...sorry I'm a bit OCD with good grammar and spelling. 
scribbling scribbling Jun 15, 2011
                              first of tht "im not crazy i just wanna kill" thing was funny! 
                              and wow....
                              i am just...
                              GREAT job!! 
YekaterinaVik YekaterinaVik May 28, 2011
Woah didn't expect that this is original. I expected something totally different. You have really good descriptions btw.
iiCheeseCakesii iiCheeseCakesii May 26, 2011
ohohohho intense :D
                              i like the begining
                              and did he ounch her? or..?
TabithaRECSideAcc TabithaRECSideAcc May 26, 2011
Love this story! Voted an all, it's a unique story and i've never read one like it before! Gonna continue reading now!