Thischickisbomb's Reading List

  • Teach Me How To Live
    • off_piste
    • 16 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    12.9K 300

    She is crippled by an irrational fear, driving her to become a relentless worker and over-achiever. He is haunted by the past, leaving him bitter and cruel. It...

  • Hold Me And Never Let Go(Finshed)
    • MeganTheUnicorn
    • 14 parts
    13.4K 65

    When Abby sees Trey starting to Notice her she starts to lose interest in her boyfriend, Nick. Abby has always liked Trey, but gave up when she met Nick. Will...

  • Have We Met? (Player's Chronicles) Volume One {Ebook sample}
    • thetis27
    • 20 parts
    891K 3.5K

    Nate Ashburn is one of the rich and popular bachelors in North America. Not only is he good looking, he's also the heir to a multibillion dollar Media corporat...

  • Falling Apart - Copyright © 2011
    • quietwriter18
    • 15 parts
    31.9K 192

    Karneyah is a young girl living the life of a normal teenager. She is an aspiring athlete and a straight A student. She has experienced heartache before and do...