I 'Effin Love You

I 'Effin Love You

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Summer Day is a seventeen year old girl living in a small town who is tired of hearing her parents demand her to be like her perfect older sister, April. Her life changes, however, when she takes a subway ride in New York one summer.

Jay Night is a seventeen year old boy living in a big city. His parents are filthy rich and his father wants him to become a big successful lawyer like him. Jay, however, doesn't want to be a lawyer when he gets older. He doesn't even want to be rich! His life changes when he takes a subway ride in New York one summer.

These two teens are struggling with getting through their lives without being criticized. They want to do what they want, but their parents have other plans for them. When their lives clash and they meet and fall in love one summer in New York City, their views of the world are changed with just four simple words.

I 'Effin Love You.

trashforfinnwolfhard trashforfinnwolfhard Jul 04, 2017
You got into Yale and you don't even know if one of the most legendary bands has members that are alive? Damn the guy working admissions at Yale must've been high or some shiiiiiii
TheBrook TheBrook Jan 20
You got the idea from don't stop believing, didn't you? I was just thinking of the song while reading and here it is.
Emma_1617 Emma_1617 Jun 24, 2017
*thinks for a second* 
                              I like him *smiles and goes back to reading the story*
Emma_1617 Emma_1617 Jun 24, 2017
I had really light blond hair when I was younger but know it's a really light brown
HorisiaSmith HorisiaSmith Sep 12, 2017
I like how u switch point of views most writers stick to the female pov. So far so good 👍
ffgrger ffgrger Apr 16, 2017
I had brown hair but I dyed it blonde, white, and light purple 😋