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  • Prince of Darkness
    35.7K 1.2K 13

    Abele McKenzie is a Christian with a secret: she doesn’t believe in God. But with the whole world following one religion, how can she afford to be different? When handsome, alluring and charming Daman Thornes walks into her life, Abele at first pushes him away. But in a world where he’s the only one who understands he...

  • Dark Love
    68K 2.2K 25

    Rachael Sin never believed in the supernatural ever since she was a little kid. She had no sense of fear. That all changed when she met him. He changed her thought on life. Her thought of the supernatural. And he changed her. But, once she finds out the Him is actually the devil that has come to take her soul, the war...

  • A Demon's Desire
    62.3K 2.3K 6

    Emma crossed paths with a black witch in an ill-fated love triangle that ended in Emma fleeing and the death of the man they both loved. Two years later, the witch is seeking revenge and strikes against Emma’s family. Emma turns to the only person who can help her: a man rumored to be half-demon with the power to cont...

  • Infect Me with Your Love, and Fill Me with Your Poison *EDITING ON HOLD*
    17.5K 491 21

    In a world where extraterrestrials are nothing but a guy in a song, what would happen if they existed-and lived among us? The school's misfit, Raina Evans, is the last one to expect a romance-let alone with a guy who is literally 'out of this world.' But when this 'foreign' boy puts her in a trance, what else could s...

  • Finding You
    30.1K 693 19

    Navia was just a normal girl until her family was killed in a fire. She was the only one to survive. Navia soon learns she is a Myx and she is destined to bond to a Demon. The only question is which one. While dealing with her family's death Lucas finds her in the hospital. Navia isn't sure what it is but she is drawn...

  • Bound with Blood
    149K 2.8K 50

    Star Remus... passed from foster home to foster home no one wanting to adopted her when they heard her name... no matter what she does she cant\' find out about her past or the family she lost as a baby.... Star has become resorceful working her name and her charms to get by in the world finding one person to look aft...

  • Hi, Mr Shadow
    39.8K 905 17

    What happens when a shadow falls in love with its owner? They have to watch the one they love live its whole life till death, unnoticed. A very painful lovestory. This story is about a shadow and a girl who broke that rule and found love against all odds. Follow the shadows's travel to reach humanity, his struggle to...

  • After the Turning [c o m p l e t e d]
    44.7K 1.2K 31

    Power is a curse. With power comes hurt and suspicion. Jane has hurt others with powers she cannot explain. Desperate to find reasons for what she can do, she is drawn to a mysterious man that promises her all her answers. But she cannot decide if what she seeks is truly what she wants. Soon she finds herself caught...

  • Insight
    1.3M 18.6K 19

    Cursed with the chains of an empath insight and vivid dreams, Willow Haywood has learned to live her life on the defense. Her world shatters when an ominous figure in her dreams leaves behind an omen that follows her into her waking hours. As Willow learns the beautifully dark secrets of her life she has no choice bu...

  • "Katie's Hellion" (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy)
    168K 4.9K 11

    The life of nineteen-year-old Katie rarely goes the way she wants. Just when she believes things can’t get much worse, a baby immortal claiming to be her son and death’s personal assistant appear on her doorstep. Everyone around her begins to insist she’s someone she’s not, while demons, deities and immortals threate...