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  • One Balloon Away
    42.3K 4.3K 103

    Just when eighteen-year-old Renée Martin is about to commit suicide, an unexpected note meant for someone else leads her to the city she has always dreaded, Paris. Join her on this disastrous journey as she struggles with self-esteem, anxiety and the essence of kindness. cover by @GollGappay

  • Last Christmas (Book 1 in the Christmas Series)
    9.3K 899 40

    Mackenzie Claus wants nothing more than to have a normal life. To break away from the chaos of the festive season and spend time with people her own age rather than her annoying little brother. As December draws closer, Mackenzie struggles to hold her temper around her parents, deciding she wants to spend some time wi...

  • French Kisses
    569K 18.7K 14

    In hope of reconnecting with her ethnic ties, Arden Michaelson sets off for France to study abroad during her junior year of college for a semester, leaving her best friend and boyfriend behind. Upon arriving at the "City of Lights" she is kissed by a set of foreign lips.

  • Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition III
    228K 18.6K 169

    Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition III! Round FIVE of this popular event is coming your way the entire month of February 2017 and it's going to be epic! The invites have started to roll out and everyone from your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, to USA TODAY Bestselling Authors, to talente...

  • Lies of a Makeup Junkie
    373K 19.3K 13

    Lenox knows one thing about this summer-it's going to suck. While her friends are off vacationing in the Hamptons, she's stuck with her grandparents in the middle of nowhere. However, Lenox's luck changes when she meets her idol, Kaylie, a popular beauty YouTuber. Kaylie is everything Lenox wants to be-outgoing, succe...

  • Just A Tourist
    31.3K 1.7K 11

    He's only here for the summer... Halle Clements, a carefree and confident teen, lives on Minute Island, a very popular tourist destination. Her life takes a turn for craziness once she meets Evan Heath, a tourist with a cute smirk, and falls for him. However, there's serious tension between locals and tourists on Minu...

  • Where the Hurricane Meets a Blizzard
    300K 13.6K 16

    Sixteen-year-old Opal might be everything you hate in a person. She's snobby, conceited, and has more popularity than she knows what to do with in her sunny and densely populated Florida city. In contrast, Jack, nicknamed "Alaska" by Opal in regards to the quiet Alaskan town where he resides, is sweet, caring, and com...

  • Camp Runaway
    1.3M 52.9K 25

    Running away from their jobs as camp counselors, Ellie and Seb embark on a road trip with unexpected turns en route to their destination - New York. ***** Camp Raukawee was meant to be where Ellie Morrison and Sebastian Lee spent their summer workin...

  • Flowers, Kisses, and Other Clichés
    7.8K 249 3

    In which a boy and girl participating in a floral design curriculum must work together to plan out a wedding: from the flowers, rings, fashion, venue, and everything in between. Of course, it isn't meant to take literally-- the final product is an almost kiddy act out of the wedding with your partner. Since the class...

  • Sealed with a Kiss ✔
    807K 31.3K 33

    "We need something to make sure that neither of us will say a word, something to seal the deal." "What?" I ask, narrowing my eyes. I don't entirely trust the way the corner of his lips have just flicked up in a self-confident smile. There's a disconcerting glint in his eyes as he looks at me. "With a kiss." •...

  • How The Sun Rises
    17.9K 1.3K 13

    "Anyone can put a smile on their face. It's crying that takes guts." | trailer inside || beautiful cover thanks to @guyswithguitars |

  • A Touch of Grace
    3.4M 168K 28

    Sometimes, guys tease you because they like you; and sometimes, they're just jerks. And in Gracelyn's case, Phoenix is just a jerk. Or at least, she thinks he is. Cover by Wattpad user @escapists

  • Love Is...
    37.8K 2.7K 17

    in which a girl looks at the world around her trying to decipher the real meaning of love. 1st book in the is/are series cover credits: @lenity published and copyright 2015 (slowly-dyxng) #4 in Poetry [lowercase intended]

  • Inkless [The Ink Series #1]
    17.1K 1K 2

    In a world where the ink on your skin bears witness to identity, expression and memory, Thea Landry remains inkless. This is her story. BOOK 1: Inkless [ongoing] BOOK 2: [coming soon] BOOK 3: [coming soon] Copyright © 2014 CrayonChomper

  • Sweetly Yours
    2.7M 104K 20

    A few days before the 25th, Farah Dailey decided to take a risk and anonymously deliever a Christmas gift to her long-time crush, Jamie Bright. Things don't go quite as planned when a sudden snow blizzard strikes and Farah blunders her way into a sweet shop - coincidentally owned by Jamie's family. Hm, but perhaps bei...

  • The Stalkers' Guide To Roadtrips
    63.3K 4.4K 41

    road-trip (verb) - Make a journey by car, bus, etc. they road-tripped from Turin to Lisbon stalk (verb) - harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention they stalked the band across the continent --------------------------------------------------- So maybe they shouldn't go on a roadtri...

  • Compositions of Us
    2M 47.8K 31

    Olivia Harris has one dream: to become a professional photographer. She’s determined and even went out of her way to intern at a well known photography company. Olivia knows that doing so may give her an opportunity to pursue her dream a step further. What she doesn't know is that, sometimes, expectations don't go as...

  • Chance Encounters
    3.9M 179K 33

    Seventeen-year-old Reed had never believed in the concept of destiny and love, so when her best friend dragged her in a search for their "soulmates" one Saturday night, Reed knew it wasn't going to end well. She couldn't have been more right, seeing as: a.) Her best friend, convinced she had found her soulmate, disap...

  • Awkward.
    728K 21.6K 10

    “Well hey there, at least buy me dinner first.” I could feel Aaron's eyes burning through the back of my head as he stared down at me. Down. Towards his crotch. I was face to crotch with Aaron Cross. --- Life is full of Awkward moments; unfortunately for Blake Miller, her life is just one big Awkward moment. From bein...

  • Double Vision
    118K 5.9K 9

    “My sister passed away over a month ago. The last time I saw her was yesterday.” When eighteen-year-old Reese Washington dies of an undetected heart defect, she leaves a bucket list behind: ten things, all incomplete, detailing the stuff she never got to do. Struggling with her grief, Reese’s twin sister, Callie, sees...

  • Getaway
    100K 4.3K 24

    The Walker family are going on a much needed getaway and everybody seems to be happy with the decision except Eleanor. Her dad is obsessed with the mini-golf, her brother is making friends with everybody his age and Eleanor is left to lie on a sun-lounger, regularly apply suntan lotion and read the same magazine again...