Chapter 9

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What was she going to do? She panicked. She sat before Duncan with a rigid back, as they rode through the forest to an unknown destination. She was shaking with fear and could not stop crying. All sorts of things rolled in her head.

Just because of trespassing on his property he was taking her God knows where.

What happened to her friends, where were they?

Her head ached tremendously and her body felt stiff with pain as well.

The horses sudden slow trots made her blink to the present and her heart raced rapidly in her chest. She looked up at the massive keep before her as they rode slowly over a bridge.

Guards stood by armed with sticks and dressed in medieval wear as well.

What the hell did she walk in to?

Why were they all here and wearing these clothes?

She let out short shakey breaths as they rode into the courtyard and stopped. She felt him climb off the horse but never looked at him. Her eyes could not leave the large structure before her.

He looked up to grab her from the horse but, stopped as he noticed her eyes roam with confusion to everything around them.

He quickly pulled her by her waist from the horse and stood her before him then undid the ropes on her wrists. She stood there in a pensive state, not moving.

"If you are thinking about escaping, you wont get far." He warned, pulling her beside him.

She planted her foot firmly, not wanting to move.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked. Frightened she began to pull from his hold.

"To the dungeon, mayhap  a day or two down there, you will finally talk and tell me who sent you and what is your name," he dragged her along struggling.

She yanked at his hands and yelled.

" Dungeon! What are you some sort of idiot? Have you lost your mind? All we did was enter a crumbling crappy chapel. You had no sign around anywhere to warn of not trespass or entering it. Its a frigging chapel to begin with. Why the hell would you want to throw me in a dungeon? I didn't do anything wrong," she cried.

He watched her as she argued. He tried to keep up with what she was saying. She insulted him that much he knew and it angered him that she was bold enough to call him an idiot. No one raised their voice to him, insulted him and got away with it.

"Someone sent you to spy on us who is it?" he insisted.

"Was it that filthy bastard Artain that sent you? It wouldn't amaze me if he sent his whore to spy, mayhap to trick her way into my bed," he scoffed.

As soon as the words left his lips, he saw the shock in her eyes and felt the heat from the palm of her hand as it crudely went across his face with a slap that set him right.

"F&ck you im not a whore, you bastard," she hissed.

It was a brazen move that would cost her dearly. His harsh grip shot pain up her arm as he slammed her against his chest and wrapped his hand tightly around her neck and squeezed her just enough to gain the look he sought in her eyes.

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