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"but wil!-" i tried to protest

he whipped around, anger fuelling his emotions

"No tommy! No buts, or ifs, or anything!"

"i don't need a babysitter! i'm sixteen for fucks sake!"

"watch your language young man, you're getting a guard. i gave you one last chance tommy, you blew it!"

"i didn't mean to! i promise!"

"you said that last time"

wilbur walked away angrily, fists curled into balls as i collapsed onto my bed

i was furious

it wasn't my fault

i soon gave in to my tiredness and nestled under my covers

i sighed, closing my eyes


I stood up, looking around wearily,

i searched hard, looking for them

i spotted them, i heard words spill out of my mouth as i rushed towards them

i tried to listen to my words, but they were all blurred together, mixing themselves in my ears

i crashed into them, enveloping them in a hug, i felt warmness wash over me as i took in their smell

it smelt of freshly baked bread and summer grass

i grinned in their shoulder, i pulled away slightly, saying their name again cheerfully

we began to walk down a slightly broken wooden path, hand in hand, the best of friends

we talked about everything and nothing, what we did at the weekend and what we will do tomorrow

i was grinning the entire time, new heat rushing through me at any given moment

we walked for hours and hours, talking and talking, never getting bored, never leaving each's side's

until the sun started to set

my friend turned to me,

"this, my friend, is where i leave you" they said, with the softest tone

"wait" i replied, frowning

"yes, my friend?"

"where do you go?"

"i go home!"

they faded out of my vision, the colours blurred as the final words in my mind did too


i opened my eyes, the blue skies shining through my window

i sighed, reminiscing over my dream as i tried to move my legs

i couldn't

i quickly lifted my covers to find out i had slept in my clothes from last night, some blue jeans and a plain white shirt

never sleep in jeans.

i hastily got up before the maids came to wake me and i rushed to get dressed, i changed into my formal sunday clothes before rushing downstairs to the wonderful scents of freshly baked bread, i was brought back to my dream momentarily, happiness seeping through me before i crashed into my seat next to my older brother, techno

"hey techno!" i said, grinning

"hello" he said in response, his monotonous voice apparent

"how are you today?"

"i'm good, thank you, i had a laugh when i heard you had your own personal babysitter" he said, smiling tauntingly at me

"that's no fair! it's not a babysitter!" i said, quite loudly

"tommy, keep your voice down for god's sake, it's seven in the morning" wilbur said, an authoritative tone riddling his words

i rolled my eyes quickly, then glanced over to my eldest brother quickly to see if he noticed

then one of the many maids came in,

"your majesty, i apologise for interrupting but fundy from the village of l'manburg has come calling for master tommy" she stated

my eyes lit up

fundy was here!

"oh wilbur, can i leave? please?" i begged, wanting to leave this palace as quickly as possible

wilbur didn't even care to look at me before turning to the maid and giving his answer

"sally, give my apologies to fundy, but tommy has other business to attend to today" he replied

"what? no i don't!" i protested, desperately wanting to see my dear friend

wilbur turned to me, "you're meeting the new knight today tommy," he looked at my clothes, exerting his horror on his face as he turned to niki,

"niki dear, make sure a maid fetches tommy some clean clothes, the one's he's wearing have already become atrocious"

"but these are my sunday best!"

"best?" techno said, teasingly

"oh for fucks sake man"

"language, young man!" niki said, frowning at me

i decided that there was no real reason for me to be at that table, so i got up and attempted to walk off

i made it to the bottom of the staircase before my eldest brother called me back

"where do you think you're going?"

"to my room"

i heard him stand up and him walk over to me

"you didn't asked to be pardoned"

i turned to my brother

"what happened to you wilbur?"

i watched as his emotions changed from surprise to sadness, then he regained his posture just as i turned and left, going up the stairs and away from him

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