Wendy nodded, going to explain everything. "I saw them at the school's parking lot and--"

"T-They'll kill me!" Tweek cried while pulling his hair in two different ways. Craig set his hands on top of Tweek's hand, slowly letting the blonde's hands away from his hair and setting them on his sides.

"Your hair is too pretty to be pulled like that," Craig said. It would've been romantic if Craig hadn't said that in his nasally voice with no emotion. Tweek blinked away his tears and looked at the ground, while he feels his face getting hot. Craig petted his untamed hair.

"--And, when I--"

Wendy pulled her hair like a mad man, going wild. Like, there was an alien on her head and it got between her hair. She even pulled harder than Tweek, and she was literally crying from the pain.

"Ow-- Craig!" Wendy tried to get Craig's attention, and when she does, she expected a nice thing like what Craig did to Tweek. Wendy's hopes were returned and then--

"Stop pulling your hair."

Craig still had his hands in his pockets. While, he raises his eyebrows at Wendy, neither emotion in his eyes, nor his voice. Wendy didn't stop pulling her hair, and she kept tearing from the pain.

Damn, she must be fucking desperate. "Ok, then, keep pulling your hair."

And, Wendy did.

Wendy crossed her arms, with a displeased face while she takes a glance or ten at Craig and Tweek. Red nodded, still believing that Wendy normally didn't do those things.

"Craig smiles a lot more when he's with Tweek and when I'm with him, he rarely even smirks," Wendy continued ranting while she watches Tweek.

Tweek didn't have any lunch, and he usually drinks coffee. Craig had an ordinary plain sandwich and tore it in half incorrectly, giving the big piece to Tweek and saying stuff to him that Wendy didn't make out. (Which will happen fairly often). Tweek stared at the half-sandwich a few seconds and slowly grabbing it while taking a small bite, like he was Stripe. Wendy could tell he said thank you to Craig, while his cheeks turn bright pink. Pink as Strawberry milk.

Pink as Ribbon's hair. Pink as Bronto Burt. Pink as Kirby.

Craig, actually smiling for real, which was small and said stuff to Tweek. He shot a glare and flipped off Cartman, Wendy suspected he said something about them being faggots or what Cartman usually says.

"Also, the guys dared Tweek to wear some gay outfit and Craig became like, some murder butler," Wendy scoffed. "Please, tell--" Bebe said in sarcasm, which was not transferred into Wendy's brain, so she explained it anyway.

Tweek came to school with some of Butter's clothes. Which was a Hello Kitty shirt, blue shorts, his black converse, with a little pink bow to complete it all. That's what happens when you lose a bet to Cartman. You wear ridiculous gay clothes.

Tweek's face was as red as Kyle's hair. A Maxim Tomato.

Craig was walking next to him, all the other boys kept laughing, that it felt like their last drink would come out of their noses. Their laughter died when Craig glared at them. He flipped them off, and took Tweek's hand and led him to the bathroom.

And during that, they had gay sex, got married, and had babies.

Everyone stare at Wendy, feeling like they'll do what the guys did. Laugh their ass off, while Wendy glares at them. "I made up the last time, kinda," Wendy said.

Heidi rolled her eyes, "Naw."


Wendy came to school with the same clothes Tweek had on. Not right now, she's not wearing no fucking green shirt, jeans, and black converse. Are you insane? That outfit is just nasty.

She came with the clothes Tweek had on during the dare. Wendy spotted Craig, talking to Tweek on a little bench outside the school. Tweek was gripping the thermos, like it was life or death. She saw a puddle of brown, which was most likely the coffee that he might've spilled.

She saw his eyes tearing, Tweek was always a baby during these type of situations.

Craig looked like he was comforting him, patting his back, almost making their forehead touch, telling him stuff Wendy didn't make out, and actually hugging him. Awww...


She decided not to scold the little Tweekers, since he was already crying. She walked up to the two males and tried to act nice to Tweek. "Hello, guys," she excitedly waved, hoping her disguise happiness worked.

"You look ugly. Now go away," Completed with the additional finger.

"Craig hardly even flips Tweek off, and they keep hanging out with each other more than they should," Wendy crossed her arms. "I see them touching noses from time to time," Wendy said. "It's gotta be by accident," Bebe defended.

"They were practically smiling and giggling," Wendy said. After Wendy said that, Bebe started giggling at how adorable that would look. Wendy turned her heads towards Bebe with a slight glare.

"They said that they kissed," Red said, finished with her food in a matter of time.


Red shrugged, like it wasn't a big deal, "The guys."

"Well, good day, people," Wendy got up and walked towards the guy's table, where they were arguing about penis sizes, boobs, and jews. Dedicated all to Cartman and Kenny.

"Well, hello, everybody!" Wendy scooted and sat between Craig and Tweek, which was hard to do since they were sitting close together, that their penises was touching each other and they were jacking each other off and--

Just kidding, my hopes are getting too high.

"Boo, it's Wendy," Cartman booed.

Wendy rolled her eyes and ignored him, she wrapped her arms around Craig's arm, "Hiii." Wendy looked at him with normal eyes, but I have to describe them so beautiful because I have to. They were dreamy, done.

"Hey," Craig said, not smiling. Wendy even saw him glance at Tweek, before he looked at the guys, who continued talking. Tweek was fiddling with the thermos, not having anyone to talk to.

"Do you want to hang out today?" Wendy asked. Craig didn't even had to take a second to reply, "No."


"Because, me and Tweek have to do a project," Craig said while nodding towards Tweek. "NNG! Y-Yeah."

"Hmm, I see." Wendy said, while she got up to go back to her original table, before the bell rang.

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