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FROM CRAIG: We shud brek up its not me its u

What a morning wake up call from dear Craig. Wendy felt like tearing Craig's head off and feeding it to Tweek and kill every one of their family members and everyone they love.

She'll turn into Cartman from all this rage. Now she's stuck boyfriend-less and had to go to school watching her friends hanging out with boys and she's stuck alone. She could hear the goths, three years ago, talking about life while she was walking.

Life's a conformist bitch.

"It's a bitch all right," Wendy mumble under her breath while she gets ready to go to school.


'This is what it felt like to Stan,' Wendy thought while listening to the teacher talking about stuff she already knew. Everything she got was gone, all her love was wasted. Me trying to make this heartbreaking, failed.

She did think about Craig and Tweek, but it felt distressing to be broken up with. While that was on her mind, Wendy didn't find Craig in the room and probably knew what he was doing. But, who cares? She felt like being one of the goths right then, and it'll be the way Stan did it.

Wendy raised her hand to go to the bathroom, everyone stared at her while she got up. It was really unusual for Wendy to get out of class, she was the teacher's pet, much like Kyle is.

While Wendy was walking, she heard the familiar voices in the hallway. And saw the two people she didn't want to see.

"W-We're going t-to be late! I-If I'm late I'll fail l-life and I'll live o-on t-the streets and everyonewillhatemeandIhavenoonetolove!" Tweek freaked out, shaking more than usual. Craig wrapped his arms around Tweek, shushing him, but his shaking still stayed.

"You're too adorable," Craig smirked. Tweek's shaking subsided a little, while his cheeks grew pink.

'That seems cute,' Wendy thought. Having to care for one that was freaking out and watching them be embarrassed. Wendy's jealous level was going down, while she continues to watch them.

"I swear to you it's not too much pressure," Craig said. "B-But--" Tweek got interrupted by Craig putting his finger on his lips. "If you're being good, I'll give you a reward," Craig said while taking his finger off his lips, and quickly kissing him.

Wendy thought about what happen, she felt like squealing from happiness when Tweek's eyes widen and his face was even more pink. Craig took Tweek's hand into his and walked him to his class, which was the direction where Wendy was going.

Wendy found them adorable, and remembered the time she used to be jealous of the two males. Usually, this wouldn't happen, but she couldn't help how adorable it was.

Wendy went back to the classroom, without going to the bathroom. She was in a happier mood than she did before, and Bebe caught that and wrote her a note.

It was funny, Wendy used to be a jealous girlfriend wanting to kill everyone when Craig broke up with her. Now, she finds it so cute for the two to be together. It was like making two of the same sides of the magnets to stick together, impossible. But if you try, you'll accomplish it.

That's like how shipping works, no one can hate on Creek forever.

Like all good fanfictions, there should be a happy ending. This is the ending, and it's with happy love, Wendy shipping them like FedEx.

And so, another Creek Fangirl was born.


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