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After 3 weeks of Wendy and Craig dating, Wendy noticed things got a little unusual. It doesn't really affect their relationship...

Actually, it does. But, every story must go along like this, so let us continue. Wendy decided to talk to her friends about things, because rumor has it that Craig and Tweek are a thing.

No, not thing as in lamp and a human thing.

We're talking about they do mushy gay stuff that Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al does. No, they do not marry and have the thing.

Yes, everything would be called thing. Thing 1 and Thing 2 will happily be happy.

Craig does some things to Tweek and says some things, that he doesn't say to Wendy. Wendy even tested it out and Craig just tells her to stop. No sweet words, no saying she's adorable, no hugging, no anything. How come Tweek gets those privileges and not Wendy? She is Craig's girlfriend, and girlfriend are suppose to have those things. Not some freak who drinks coffee 27/7.

Maybe, it's for a purposely good reason, like Tweek went to see a therapist and Craig is helping him. Right? He seems like he gotta be in therapy. You just can't say it in front of Craig, unless you wanna get hurt.


Wendy put her notebook on the lunch table, ready to deliver her news to her girlfriends. "Did you guys even notice that Craig pays attention to Tweek more than he does to me?" Wendy questioned while she glances at everyone.

Everyone either shrugged or shook their head. How could they not notice? Because they do in private when hardly anyone is around or is she going insane? Because, they sure as hell don't.

"I find it adorable," Bebe giggled while looking for the table where Craig normally sits at. Wendy found their table and saw what she was expecting, Tweek clinging onto Craig. If anyone did that to Craig, they'll be in the hospital. Tweek is a male and he is doing that to Craig and he doesn't even do anything.

Even Wendy saw that Craig was silently smiling. Silently.

It looks like he wasn't even smiling, but Wendy could tell that he was smiling with his eyes. Which, is just shiny grey and is like, so fucking hard to know if you're 25 feet away.

Unless, you're jealous and you didn't attend Jelly School, then I guess you'll go insane and notice things you never noticed before. Except, for Wendy. She was like a hawk, and her prey was Tweek and Craig.

"I did some experiments to check, and it was proven to be correct," Wendy said while ignoring what Bebe said about them being adorable. While, she stalks her prey like a killer.

Red rolled her eyes and asked a question that Wendy slightly wanted to answer and not answer at the same time, "Proven what?" Wendy cleared her throat so she will look like an epic scientist, "That Craig is gay for Tweek or that they're a thing."

Everyone stared at Wendy with confused faces, like a dancing Manbearpig giving them waffles.

"You have got to be kidding me," Heidi raised her eyebrows at the jelly girl. "Look, I have so much proof," Wendy said looking at everyone to see approve faces.

"Craig does stuff to Tweek that he doesn't do to me," Wendy explained, "He holds Tweek's hands if he's pulling his hair, and when I do it, he doesn't even do anything, but to tell me to stop."

"Because, you normally don't--" Wendy interrupted Red in the middle of her sentence. "No, I even pulled a clump of my hair." Bebe raised her eyebrows, "No wonder you kept wearing huge hats last month."

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