Get to Know You Better

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When I awaken, I'm alone. But I don't feel it. I feel full of Carson. I bite my lip to keep from grinning. Carson and I had sex. Why doesn't that concern me? I stretch, find my t-shirt on the couch and pull it on. I don't notice it at first, but there's a ring box where the t-shirt just laid and I'm afraid to touch it.

"You can touch it, Bri." Carson is standing at the edge of the room. He's always lurking.

"It won't bite you. I'll nibble on you though if you like." I look to him, and he winks like we didn't just turn our friendship on its head the night before.

"What's that?" I point. I know what, but I need time to think about what it is.

"It's a ring box."

"Yes, but why is it there?"

"Did the multiple orgasms mess up your memories? I asked you to marry me last night."

He's cocky when he steps into the room. I feel that too small feeling again, likely always will. I stare freely. A pair of low-slung bottoms rest at his hips. His chest is still bare, and he's still as fine as he was the night before, even more so.

"Yes, but when did you find time to get it? Why did you get it?"

"It was purchased over a year ago. I've always known you were it for me. You're just catching up."

He leans down. "Open it." 

The ring box groans open when I do. Nestled in the center is an engagement ring. I take in the details slowly. It's a princess cut diamond. White, with two bands sitting beneath it.  It's perfect and way too much.


"I did good, right?" His smile is blinding.

Unbidden, a grin graces my face. "It's stunning."

"Not any more than you."

"You're corny in the morning," I tease.

Carson crawls on his knees and takes the box from my hands, pulling me between his legs.

"Brianna, I know this is a lot and we don't have to get married right away, but I want you to know how serious I am about us. You need to know how serious I am about you. I want you and only you, but I'm willing to wait until you're ready. It's why I had already bought this." He pulls out a chain. Pulling the ring from the box, he strings the ring on the chain and hands it to me.

"Will you marry me, someday?"

Grinning, I don't hesitate when I nod. I'm going to marry my best friend. Fuck, I'm going to marry my best friend. I repeat it to myself for good measure. We had sex and we're getting married. Pinching myself right now would be weird, right?

"Yes, chain me, baby." I hand him the necklace to put on.

He moves behind me, pushes my braids aside, and places the chain around my neck. He settles my braids back in place, but not before kissing me where the necklace clasps around my throat. Then he's in front of me. We stare at each other before he claps his hands.

"Now that that's out of the way. It's time for breakfast."

"I don't smell any food cooking."

"Oh," he says like I'm silly. "It's pre-made. You know, ready-to-eat." He waggles his brows at me.

"What is it?" I sniff the air.

He's a predator on his hands and knees. "You. You're for breakfast. Lay back and don't let me starve."

I obey, with an aroused laugh, but his mouth never comes.

I look up. He's fussing with something in his pocket. From his pants pocket, Carson pulls out the bunch of mistletoe, eyes twinkling with mischief.

"What are you going to do with that?"

He uses a hand to push me until I'm horizontal. I feel his breath at my sex.

"Kiss you."

Laughing, I grab his ears, but the first kiss on my pussy steals any amusement.

The tree lights twinkle. I smile into the air and moan, "Merry Christmas, Carson."

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