Shadow of Death

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Kara closed her eyes.

She breathed in deeply and slowly exhaled.

When she opened her eyes, she tried the door once more.

This time her hand landed on slime which covered the brass knob making it nearly impossible to turn.

She could hear Josh on the other side, screaming.

Tears streamed down Kara's face as she pounded her fists on the door.

"You get away from him, bitch!" she screamed.

Out of nowhere, Dad appeared beside her and kicked the door open.

They both stared in shock at what was happening in Josh's room.

Every single object, except for the crib, floated in midair rotating in a circular motion.

Next to the crib stood a tall, crooked, shadowy figure of a woman with no face.

Dad's mouth dropped. "Holy Mary Mother of God!"

Kara felt his hand on her shoulder. "Stay here."

He took a step forward but turned back to her,

His face inches from hers. His eyes sad and haunted.

"I'm so sorry I didn't believe you!"

With that, he bolted across the bedroom toward Josh's crib and the shadow.

The objects hurled at him as he ducked to miss them.

Kara watched Dad as he finally reached the wooden crib and gathered Josh up in his arms.

For a split moment, he hugged the boy close to him.

When he turned to run, a flying snow globe struck him in the back of the head.

His body slumped. He landed hard on his side, absorbing the full impact of the fall from Josh.

He peered over to Kara. Blood covered one side of his face.

"Take him, Kara!"

Kara dropped on all fours and crawled to Dad.

When she reached him, he shoved Josh into her arms.

"Go! Get away from this house!"

"I won't leave you, Dad!"

In that split moment, a look came over Dad's face.

A look of surprise and pain.

Kara looked and her eyes grew wide.

The shadow had latched on to his legs.

Its depthless black tentacles crept up her father's body as if it was devouring him.

"Kara, it's too late for me. You must save Josh and yourself." He spoke calmly.

He nudged her toward the door.

"I love you!"

Blinded by tears, she nodded.

With Josh in her arms, she shuffled on her knees to the door.

Just as she cleared the threshold, she turned to take one last look at Dad.

A groan escaped from her mouth when she saw that he was already half consumed by the shadow.

With that last vision of her dying father, the door slammed shut in her face.

"Daddy, no!"

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