- urban plots 3.

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POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a boy (preferably black) wants to reach his goal and join the nba. but because of the life he was born into (living in the slums, bad influences, etc.) it won't be easy for him to pursue this dream. make sure he has some kind of mentor to guide him to his goal. a lucky charm he has is a pair of dirty socks he has never ever washed from the time he has had them.



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character is a complete outcast. their existence is ignored by almost everyone around them. that is changed when someone acknowledges their presence and the main character will have to adapt to having another person's company.

**A/N: this plot is pretty short because it's a plot that wouldn't make too much of a long book simply because there really isn't any motive. it would be best to write this book in the point of view of the main character so the reader can see what the character feels about their presence being ignored by everyone. it can also show the reader how the main character will feel when that person acknowledges them.


POTENTIAL TITLE: Last Flashes of Light

POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main characters life flashes in front of their eyes—but literally. the main character has died and is now seeing their life play over like a movie they just played in. at the end of the book the main character will have to accept how they lived their life or rewatch their life again.

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