part two: socializing isn't always easy

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America POV

i'm making my way to school with my brothers.  We are talking about all sorts of stuff.
"So you guys heard about the new student right?" NZ asked.
"yeah, we heard" i replied.
"i'm trying to start a conversation here if you can't tell" he said with a slightly annoyed tone.
"Sorry NZ we stayed up pretty late last night and we are really tired. We're not in the mood to discuss anything right now." Canada said.
Does Canada have to say "sorry" in every sentence or something? is it some kind of curse? Canada was a wierd brother. He's not like me at all. He's even taller than me even though i'm older than him. Or maybe i'm just short? who really cares. Man i'm still excited for the new nation to be here. Getting new friends is always good.

Russia POV

Finally i was there. Takes long enough to walk all the way. As i arrive at the door there are a lot of people standing there, but it clearly was just teachers. As the one in the middle sees me he's face lightens up.
"oh, you must be Russia. The new student." He says to me and takes he's hand out for a handshake.
You've got to be kidding me. Guess i don't have a choice. I take he's hand and shake it.
"My name is mr. UN and i'm the leader of this school. These people are the teachers. Mr. EU and BRICS here teaches in economy, mr. NATO teaches in military..." He kept talking. I didn't really listen to what the other people teaches in and quite frankly i don't care.
"Okay" i said pretty numb to the situation. Man even the teachers here are lower than me.
Then UN explained where the first class was going to be and how i was going to get there.
I nodded and then walked inside. There was already two nations standing near me. One of them was this female nation wearing glasses and this skirt, looking really wierd. She even had cat ears. The other one was wearing a cap and he had a bunch of ear piercings. I couldn't tell which gender he was from a distance. They were talking but when they saw me the female nation walked over to greet me.
"konnichiwa, you must be the new student" she said with clear excitement in her big eyes.
"Russia. That's your name right?"
I nodded.
"Cool! I'm Japan" she told me and then looked expectingly at the other country. The other country looked back at her confused. Then he made an "oh i get it" face.
"yeah, and i'm south Korea." he said. Now he knew it was a boy because of he's voice, even though he had a whole layer of makeup on.
"SOUTH korea?" i asked raising an eyebrow. "is there also a north Korea?"
then he's face went from happy to sad.
"... yes. That was once my brother. But he changed and now i don't really want anything right to do with him anymore. You can just call me Korea when he's not around." He said.
"Oh. Sorry to hear." i said.
"No worries. I'm fine without him." He said with a smile.
"If you say so. Later." I said and began to walk away. They started talking again.
"Huh" i thougt. i don't hope everyone are as... different, as these nations. I keep walking with some nations still staring at me. Can they seriously not just hold them to themselves? Wait, where was i supposed to go again? Ugh, i should have listened to UN. I go over to the nearest group of countries.
"Hey uhmm, do you know where the territory class is?"

Note: Territory is the countryhuman equivalent to PE.

"oh, it's down the left. Didn't UN tell you?" He asked.
"yes but i didn't really listen."
He chuckled. "I know right? He's so tiring listening to." He then said.
"Yeah. He is. Glad that you agree. By the way what's with the two wierd nations?"
"Which?" He asked with a small giggle.
I laughed back. "Japan and south Korea."
"I don't know they're pretty popular though. My name is Serbia by the way."
"Cool. I'm russia. This is my first day."
"Oh okay russia."
"Yeah i gotta get to class. Later"
I then walked the way he guided me. I think i'm gonna like Serbia. He seemed more down to earth than the others. Also he had some hilarious facial expressions. I smile just at the thoughts of them. Also why do i feel like i've heard the name "Japan" before..?

Ok that's it for this part! 750 words this time, which is a little more than last time. Also I see that i already have around 10 readers! Thanks! Highly appreciate it :)). And don't worry. We'll get to the fluff soon. Oh yeah and more to the nation gallery!

General: He is a tall and very polite country. It's a part of his life to be nice to people and make their lives easier. He is good at keeping the mood up, when he's around he's friends. Same can't always be said for his brothers though.
He loves waffles with maple syrup, tree cutting and last but not least, beavers. He usually wears a red, checkered shirt with another white shirt under the first one to keep warm and his cool scout hat.
Siblings: America, Australia and New Zealand.
Parents: Uk and France.
Best friend: Mexico
Gender: Male, heterosexual (straight)
Worst enemy: Phillipines (due to some trash dispute)
Crush/lover: Ukraine

General: he's an energetic country. He likes to take everything as a concurrence, even grades. Hes pretty good at keeping the mood up in he's group but is also easily irritated. He doesn't usually wear anything, oftentimes he wears hoodies in his national colors but that's about it. He's also apart of the "remove kebab" gang, which is a group of countries against turkey and turkeys friends.
Siblings: all ex-Yugoslavic countries
Parents: Yugoslavia
Best friend: Romania
Gender: Male heterosexual (straight)
Worst enemy: Albania
Crush/lover: Greece

General: She is a very popular country. She usually wants people to look at her as cute, which some do and some don't. She really likes seafood and and is generally really nice to everyone. She usually wears a Japanese school uniform and cat ears. No one really knows if the cat ears are actually a part of her, or she's wearing them.
Sibling: none
Parents: Unknown
Best friend: Taiwan
Gender: Female, heterosexual (straight)
Worst enemy: China
Crush/lover: South Korea

Next part coming Sunday or Monday.

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