Chapter 5

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London, 2014

The night was unforgettable.

She sighed as she sat quietly in the car listening to the guys laugh and talk. Carl finally convinced Jonathan to show them around  so they rode out to the countryside.  It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.

They pulled up to the clearing near a wooded area. Slowly stepping out of the car they stretched out their legs and looked around. There wasn't a place for miles around. They sat on the grass and stretched out enjoying the beautiful nights sky.

"Hey any of you have a light I left my cell at the hotel," Carl asked.

"I do why?" Tara asked.

"Nature calls my friend," he laughed.

Quickly she pulled her small backpack off and dug inside for her cellphone then handed it to him.

"Don't worry about the battery power I keep two rechargeables with me always," she pointed out.

Laughing he shook his head.


Before she could answer Mimi stepped in.

"Leave it Tara to always be prepared," she leaned in and plucked the phone then turned on the flashlight app and began walking with the rest to the wooded area.

Following in his example they all stood and looked for different spots to relieve themselves.

Laughing to herself she agreed she was always prepared.  She made sure she always kept two fully charged cellphone batteries for her cellphone and portable charger for her mini Ipod she would die without it, a pack of Icebreaker gum stuffed with a $50 bill for fresh breath always and a safenet of cash just in case.  Strawberry chapstick to keep the lips soft. Tampons a must have for an emergency and a small bottle of her favorite perfume Jlo's Miami Glo to smell awesome always.

Her bare necessities as she calls it.

She smiled.

"Hey you guys there is this huge abandoned building close by," Carl shouted in the distance.

Catching their attention, Tara stood and walked with the others towards Carl.

The awes and wows came from their mouths as the large structure came into view and loomed over them.

It was an old cathedral like building.

Slowly they walked closer and looked at the branches and roots covered the entrance.

"Hey I found a way in," he yelled.

Slowly the all followed him to the side where a whole was in the structures wall.

She plucked her phone out of Mimis hand and turned up the brightness of the flashlight.

"I found candles," boomed Andrew as he pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit the candles.

Slowly they burned one by one as he lit about seven of them on what seem to be like an Altar.

"Wow!" they said in awe of the beautiful structure that began to fill with a warm glow from the candles.

It was a very large chapel.

Turning they all looked around at the high ceiling. Off to the side there was a balcony that Mimi leaned over and waved to them.

"Hey you guys there is some neat stuff up here," she shouted from up above.

Tara turned and smiled.

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