Chapter One.

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A/N: Haha, I lied. Oops? This actually came out early hehe, I just had this on my mind. Could you guess who the point of view was in the prologue? Hehe, I made it kind of difficult. Well, let's get onto the chapter! Also, Sakusa and Komori are staying in Hyogo for a month since they have a break from school. (Song has nothing to do with the chapter, I think.)


It was the middle of the night, and our dear setter was once again being tormented by his inner demons.  “You aren’t enough,” They’d say, “Give up volleyball,” they’d scream, saying how he was useless, weak, a disappointment. The real world wasn’t much different, berating and mentally abusing him. Always comparing the blonde to his twin, saying how Atsumu was only a pretty face among the sea of talented players.

Oh, I haven’t properly introduced our main character, have I? Well, his name is Miya Atsumu, but because of the whole thing, we’ll just call him Atsumu. Hey’s the number one setter in Japan, 16, almost 17 along with his twin, Osamu. He loves fatty tuna, and we all know he has a crush on a certain germaphobe. Well, that's enough about him, let's get into the story, yeah?

Sighing, Atsumu got out of bed, stalking down the hall quietly, going to get some water from the kitchen. Upon entering, he saw his ‘mother’, drunk off her ass. Did I forget to mention his so called mother was a stripper at a nearby club? Well, now you know, I guess. Anyway, back to the main story.

As Atsumu slowly made his way over, he felt her hate filled glare penetrate his already damaged soul, leaving a painful sting in its wake. Slinging her arm over his shoulder, Atsumu used his right arm to support her torso, the other grabbing his mother’s hand to keep her steady. Sighing for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, Atsumu carried his mother up to her room, slipping off her shoes before covering Mrs.Miya with a blanket.

Heart aching, breath coming in uneven bursts, chest heaving, mind racing, body numb but being in so much pain, Atsumu pulled on a pair of shoes, walking down to the local park to clear his mind. Going over to his favorite spot, Atsumu wondered why he was still alive. No one wanted him, so why was he still alive? While he was attempting to calm down, multiple pairs of footsteps were approaching him from behind. He turned around, coming face to face with a male, who reeked of smoke and was slightly older than him.

“Uhm, can I help you?” he asked, standing up and slowly backing away from the male, noticing four others stood behind him. The dude with black hair reached forward, we’ll call him One, and grabbed his wrist with bruising strength, pulling the short lad towards his chest.

“You look so pretty~” He slurred, pushing Atsumu to the ground, leaning down to, what I assume, kiss him. He turned his head away, exposing his pale neck, which One immediately went to suck on. Holding back tears, Atsumu struggled. As he was about to kick his private area, someone held down his legs, while another held the poor boy's arms. There were sure to be bruises when he was left alone. Looking up with fear in his eyes, there was nothing Atsumu could do but take whatever they dished out, praying for someone to save him. Squeezing his eyes shut, he hoped this was all a bad dream, letting the tears escape and soft sobs leave his tattered body.

He woke up with a start, the light blinding him momentarily. Rubbing his eyes, Atsumu noticed he was still in the park, and the sun was just rising. He tried standing up, but failed as soon as he felt the pain in his back, legs, and ass. The excruciating pain had him falling back to the ground, tears once again coming to his eyes. With a horrifying revelation, he realised last night wasn’t just a nightmare. Looking down, Atsumu saw the cum stuck to his thighs, along with dry blood and dirt mixed in. Disgusted with himself, Atsumu quickly stood up, putting his clothes on before running to Inarazaki High.

As soon as he arrived, he hopped in the shower, relieved when he felt all the grime and disgust leave his body, but it forever tormented his mind. He had left his volleyball bag here, in the clubroom, last night. After thoroughly washing himself off for the third time, Atsumu turned on his phone, texting the one person he knew would help me right now, or at least, he hoped he would.

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