Chapter 1 : The start of something new

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Agent Y/N has retired from his work being a undercover agent working for the government, from there i came to Seoul in Korea. I was walking to the convenient store until i see a group of man in the dark alley surrounding 9 pretty looking goddess girls, two of the girl started to cry and the guys surrounding them start to get closer and i knew what have to be done

"Dont be afraid we just wanna have fun, hehehehe..." Says the guy thats holding a gun

I knew that, that guy is the boss. And i have to target him first

"We rather die to then have "Fun" with you pigs" Says the girl with big eyes and have a loud voice

"What did you say you little-" Says the boss getting closer to her

I drop down quickly behind them, and everyone look at my direction.

"I wouldnt do that if i were you" I say with a smirk on my face

"Who the hell are you?!" Says the boss

"Me? Im the guy who is gonna beat your ass" I say with confidence

"GET HIM!" Says the boss and all of his guys came right at me

The first guy came to me with speed and throw a punch, i quickly dodge and punch his stomach hard that make him knockback to the second guy behind him

The third guy swing his bat at me but i quickly grab the bat and take it, he was shock and i grab my opportunity and knock him back with the bat

The fourth guy throw a kick at me, but i go back a few step making him miss me and i jump back to him grabing his face and slam it to the ground

The other men started to go to me but i quickly defeat them all and then theres the last one standing... the boss

I look at the 9 girls and theyre eyes are wide open and theyre jaw drop down seeing what they are seeing

"Fucking useless" Said the boss

I smirk at him and he start to get furious

"Ugh! I guess i have no choice then" He smirk and pull up his gun making it pointing at me

He shoot a bullet and i quickly grab one of his men and put it right infront of me making the boss shoot his men. He widen his eyes and i ran to him with speed, i twist his hand making him disarm the gun and i grab it and i shoot his leg.

"UGH! FUCK!" He scream in pain and fall to the ground and putting both of his hand on the leg i shot him

"You guys are not that hard after all" I chuckle and i hit his head with my fist making him unconscious and not dead

I quickly go to the 9 girls and ask them.

"Are you girls okay?" I say with a calm voice

"Y-y-yeah... w-were okay" Says the girl with the big eyes

"Thank god... im sorry for what you girls have to see" I say with a soft voice

"T-Thank you for s-saving us" A girl with soft voice and have a cute thing on her nose

"I just do what is right, thats all. Can you girls call the cops and tell them to get the ambulance?" I say to them

"Yeah... we can. Thank you... again" A girl that looks like a shiba inu and very cute

I nod at them one last time

"Good you girls should be careful at night, now i have to go. Stay safe girls" I say as i was walking out until the girl with the big eyes shout

"WAIT!" Says the girl and i turn around facing them

"C-can you t-tell us your n-name" she says with a shaking voice

I smirk and say to them "My name is Y/N, Y/N L/N" i say with calm voice

They all nod and i walk out of the alley and went back to my house

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