Chatous Chat 2

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Kat: hey

3radley: how r you

Kat: good, u?

3radley: good thanks

3radley: what u doing

Kat: listening to music

3radley: ohh that cool

3radley: what kind

Kat: check yes juliet by we the kings

3radley: thats cool

Kat: yup:)

3radley: :))

Kat: what are you doing?

3radley: just in bed wearing sisters undies (AN: O.o Whatta freakkkk) 

Kat: interesting?

3radley: haha yupp

Kat: why?

3radley: just like to i guess

Kat: ah

3radley: ha :))

Kat: so.....

3radley: soo.. ? :))

Kat: whats your favorite color

3radley: blue you

Kat: purple

3radley: haha :)) (AN: Why all the double-chinned smileys '3radley?')

Kat: purple is the color of royalty, and since im a princess it makes sense

3radley: haha nice . : D

Kat: it is:)

3radley disconnected.

***********************(Last chat wasn't long enough)*******

Ryan: Hey Kat.

Kat: Hey Ryan

Ryan: How are you this fine evening?

Kat: Good, you?

Ryan: Can't complain. Kinda bored.

Kat: Me too. Thats why I have resorted to chatting with strangers.

Ryan: Im not a stranger! Its me, Ryan.

Kat: O.o I had no idea

Ryan: Lol. Dont get all wide eyed at me. xD


Ryan: Lol. Fair enough. Do your own thang.

Kat: I shall


Mulvey: hi

Kat: Hey

Mulvey: whats up?

Kat: listening to music

Mulvey: nice

Kat: yup, you?

Mulvey: lookin for a cute girl to kik

Mulvey: ;)

Kat:....................................................................well, i am a fat fuck, so dont look here

Mulvey: oh im sorry before i go, dont let that get in the way