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your glory of landing the last hit on bakugo quickly faded as you felt a cold aura. you spun around on your heels to face aizawa

y/n: hhhhheyyyy... aizawa-sensei

you awkwardly laughed scratching the back of your head

y/n: ..have I told you how good and healthy your hair has been looking! what conditioner do you use-
aizawa: detention. both of you. after school.
y/n: ohhhh... actually I have to go somewhere after school cause I need new underwear-

you quickly covered your mouth realizing you had said it out loud. you turned bright red and bakugo covered his mouth to stop himself from laughing.

aizawa: enough fooling around. y/n, bakugo, how many times have I told you to not fight in my class.
y/n: bruh-

you covered your mouth again

y/n: I MEAN- sir! I-I- i'm sorry but we were just play fighting-
aizawa: I suggest you stop talking.
y/n: yeah me too..

you sat down all red and bakugo got up and stomped over to his desk. everyone else, holding in their laughs, took their seats and class started. todoroki, who sits next to you, was making fun of you the whole time. I mean you expect nothing less from your best friend after that.

todoroki: think you can get me some underwear too?
y/n: I hate you so much.

he slightly smiled, everyone in class knew you two were close but they still found it weird how you could make him laugh and smile. you had known him since you were younger and the family issues brought you two together and get very close.

class ended and so you packed up to go to lunch but then

aizawa: y/n-
y/n: ayo i- I MEAN- sir... you think I can spend my lunch in here for detention instead of after school-
aizawa: no.
y/n: come on! I-
aizawa: no!
y/n: pleaseee!

you pleaded, after a while he rolled his eyes and agreed.

todoroki: i'll see you after lunch y/n
y/n: alright!
bakugo: does that mean I have to stay here as well!? if I don't eat something right now i'll blow this idiots head off right now!
y/n: calm your tits, boom boom

you said frantically waving your hands up and leaning back

bakugo: I swear to god im gonna kill you y/n-
aizawa: no bakugo, if you'd rather spend your detention after school that's fine, I really don't care
bakugo: tch!

he stomped out of the classroom with his pants sagging

y/n: yo, so about my grade in this class, think you can round it up-
aizawa: NO Y/N NOW BE QUIET.
y/n: everyone just has a problem with me today I see
aizawa: Y/N-
y/n: IM KIDDING! i'll shut up! sorry sorry!

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