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Shotaro pov


Sungchan Pov

I woke up with a start and looked at the bed beside me. Shotaro was screaming while shivering and moving around.

"Shotaro?" I nudged him slightly. "Wake up its ok."

Shotaro opened his eyes and upon seeing my face immediately hugged me. I wrapped my arms around him as I asked him what happened.

Shotaro pov
I was on stage and I accidentally fell during the dance. Everyone immediately looked at me they started booing at me and yelling for me to get out. Get out from nct. But I don't want to go I wanna stay. "NO!...STOP!" I yelled but the words kept coming. AH! I was being dragged off stage. "Shotaro?" Who is talking to me? "Wake up its ok." And I did, it was Sungchan.

The moment I saw him I hugged him tightly he asked me what happened and I told him.

Sungchan pov
"Oh Taro, you're so amazing at dancing you don't need to be afraid of falling. And even if you do its alright Im sure real nctzens will support you." I looked at Shotaro who was still in my arms. "Are you alright now? Do you want to go back to sleep? "

Shotaro: Cuddles? Please?

"Of course baby come here."

I lied down on my bed and Shotaro snuggled beside me. I cuddled him as he hugged my waist. Then we drifted off to sleep under the warm blanket together

Im softtt Shochan is so cute
Also that's probably it for today I'll continue writing after I get new inspiration
Peace out- Shotaro's tiktok

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