Chapter 1 {Dumb and Dumber}

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"Wait..will I remember anything?"
You ask slowly lowering yourself in to the growing green pod.
"Y/n don't worry the only way you remember about the program is if you see any type of dead body."
Makoto reassured.
Your voice still shaking you ask. "Is it the same for everyone else?"
"No..just you."
You continue to slower yourself in then it hit you-
"W-Wait what about my talent?"
Makoto smiled
"Well..I don't know what it is, but Togami gave you one for the program. It will kinda just slip in when you need to remember it okay."
You just gave out a shaky sigh, I hope this goes well...

"Hey you awake yet?" A calming voice asks.

"Y-You should be more quiet.." a worry sounding voice states.

Slowly fluttering your eyes open, your greeted by a bright light.

Ah the sun..

Soon a head blocks the light from your face.

"Hey. Hey. You seem pretty out of it...I mean I- no all of us are kinda out of it as well...Heyy are you even listening?"

Are they talking to me?

Your eyes slowly adjust to the darker lighting.

Your met with a veryyyy pale male. His green-gray eyes staring into yours. His white hair with the slightest bit of brownish-red on the tips looked so fluffy.

"Give her some space Nagito.." a harsh voice called from the side.

With though words this 'Nagito' guy stood up from the sand, brushing his pants while smiling.

"Of course. Someone like me shouldn't just be all up in peoples faces like you two." He said with a closed eyed smile.

Confused and in a pit of pain you slowly make yourself sit up. Looking over to the side your greeted by another male.

The first thing you noticed about him was his super spiky brown hair. His eyes were almost like a pale yellow. He was standing up and looking towards you with a worried expression.

"H-Here." The brunette held out his hand for you to grab.

You quickly reached for it and was pulled up onto your feet.

The white haired boy came and stood by the brunette.

"Are you okay? Do you remember anything?" The albino asks.

You ran your memories through your head.



We're on an island, with a stuffed rabbit as are teacher, telling us to make friends to get off said island.

You nod your head to the boys. "Uh, yeah I remember now."

"Well that's good." The albino smiled.

The brunette started to play with his hands before holding his hand out towards you..

"I'm Hajime Hinata...I uh...don't exactly remember my talent.."

Grabbing his hand with smile you shake it. "I'm Y/n L/n...."

Wait what's my talent...

Your mind went blank before-

°○ sociopath ○°

"I'm the ultimate sociopath." You said coolly

As the words fell from your mouth you felt Hajime pull his hand back.


You look at him like he has three heads..


"Amazing isn't it?!? Though I couldn't find anything on her talent...or I just don't remember what I researched for L/n-chan..But she was the most search for hopes peak!!! Amazing!!!" Nagito ranted

You smiled at the tall male. "Please call me by my first name."

You could've thought you saw him drool a bit.

"R-Really? Ah- sorry. Im Nagito 'talent' isn't much of a talent lucky.." He finished with a sigh.

As he said the words lucky your eyes began to sparkle.

"That means your part of the draw right!?"

"Yeah I-."

"Wow that's so cool!!!"


"Ahem Y/n-chan have you talk with the others yet?" Hajime cuts in.

Your attention quickly goes to him. "No, no I haven't. Have you?"

He points at Nagito then himself. "He has I haven't."

You smile brightly at Hajime, getting a blush in return.

"Then lets go together.?!" You turn over to Nagito. "Ya wanna come with us to?"

Nagito quickly nodded and walked by your side.

Hajime soon following.

Time to meet the others!!

Short chapter Ik ik. You met the dumb and dumber wooo wooo. Anyways voting and leaving suggestions are always welcome.
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