Data Spikes

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Data spikes are a technology that originated during the latter period of the Dividing War. Data spikes are specialized AI-driven hacking tools designed to not only brute-force a connection into a computer system, but also provide a receiver for the downloading of data packages from a transceiver a distance away.

Data Spikes were an Alliance development first used during the siege of Imperial holdings on the planet Cor 3 in the Cor system. They are widely attributed to researcher and programmer Irm Caltu of the Alliance's SciOps operation. While elements of this operation are still classified over the Dividing War Records Act, data spikes, or "spikes" began finding themselves in circulation after the war when plans were leaked.

Due to their brute force-style of hacking and disposable nature, these spikes became fairly common among the less savory elements of the Silver Spiral Galaxy, finding themselves readily utilized by space pirates. Antispike defenses and devices in addition to specialized antispike AI in the last thirty years have significantly reduced the effectiveness of these devices, and thus resulted in their decreased usage for a time.

As with any arms race, however, the push and pull of the technology and the reaction to that technology is bound to change, and rumors suggest there are new generations of data spikes that have found their way around the galaxy and are being used in wild space by mercenaries, smugglers, and pirates. 

Time will tell how this form of digital attack will expand or contract.

Time will tell how this form of digital attack will expand or contract

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