{chapter 5}

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i went to sleep at around 3:00 am staying up study and doing hw.

i woke up at around 12:00 and head to the bathroom to wash up.

still in my pajamas, i head downstairs to see a sticky note on the kitchen table that states:

"went to go run some errands! make yourself breakfast and then skate to the arcade! i left you 60 dollars! -love, auntie <3"

i smile as i head on over to the fridge to make myself an omelet.

after 10 minutes of making my omelet i serve myself with water and a side of bell peppers.

i then clean my area and wash my dishes as i head back upstairs to take a shower.

i grab my towels and walk in the bathroom and turn on my shower.

i play young - vacations.

i wash my hair and scrub my body.

i head out of the shower to my room as i dry myself and put on my outfit.

i brush my wet hair and spray perfume on my entire outfit

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i brush my wet hair and spray perfume on my entire outfit.

i head downstairs to grab the house keys and my money.

i put them all in my pocket as i grab my skateboard.

i plug my headphones into my phone and play
kids - current joys.

i approach the arcade to see everyone was already waiting there for me.

"y/n!" kaminari yells in excitement.

i take my skateboard in my hand as i make my way up the concrete stairs.

"i hope you all know i'm going to beat your asses in every game today." i say as i head inside.

"tch, yeah right." bakugo says jokingly as the boys follow behind me.

"holy shit." i say as my eyes light up at the sight of the arcade.

"have you never been to an arcade before?" kirishima asks.

"well, actually i haven't, i never really had friends to go with to an arcade." i say scratching the back of my head.

"well it's great u get to experience it with us!" kirishima says with a toothy-smile.

i place my skateboard at the entrance of the arcade as i head over to a game.

kirishima, bakugo, kaminari, and i all had a fun time playing games.

i often used my quirk to cheat when playing a video game.

i beat bakugo at mario cart, he ended up breaking the wheel for rage quitting.

"man guys, i'm starving, you guys want to get food?" kirishima asks, everyone nods in agreement as he heads on over to order 2 pies for our table.

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