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Angelique's POV

I woke up laying down on a white bed “Am I dead?!? Did I die and go to heaven" I heard chuckling from the corner of the room and I saw Master sitting there with tears in his eyes “Great I died and went to hell" He stopped laughing and gave me a serious look “If I were you I'd be quiet because we don't Want a repeat of yesterday." I looked him straight in the eye with a smirk and said “You mean when I beat that scary tall guy with his own belt" A creepy smile took over his face “You mean when u beat him with his own belt and started running but since u were really stupid u didn't watch were u were going and crashed into a wall??" I mentally face palmed myself and threw my head back causing me to hit it on my headboard. “Ugh well Justi- I mean Master can I take a shower." He nodded his head and I grabbed my clothes and my razor to shave. I turned on the radio that was in the bathroom and started jamming out to Ariana Grande. After I took a shower I sat on the floor and looked at the razors. Before I knew it I was taking out the blade and holding it above my wrist. I wanted to do it but I know I shouldnt. All the things that have happened so far suddenly cane to mind and I slid the Blade across my wrist I repeated it and was going on the third one when loud banging on the door startled me causing me to cut deeper than needed. I got up from the floor and went to the sink trying to stop the blood from coming out. I started to feel light headed and I fell hitting my head on the sink counter... Now things were really blurry.

Justin's POV

I banged on the bathroom door trying to make her hurry up because she has been in there for like 2 hours now. I was about to knock again when I head a loud slam. I started to worry and called out her name “Angelique!!! Open the door" no response. I readyed myself and kicked down the door. I saw her sitting there unconscious in a pool of blood.....Oh my god what have I done to a Belieber.. I picked her up and wrapped a towel around her wrist trying to stop the blood. It kept coming out so I grabbed my keys and drove to the hospital hoping it isn't too late.

Sorry it was short I'm just trying to update my story's today

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