Chp 5. Controlling the uncontrollable

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As everyone is to a stand off. Full power pouring out of all of them they begin to take the offensive. Hirohime in a burst of light disappears as Tsukia charges straight at Hiruko. She throws a simple punch and he blocks it. The force was so powerful everything behind him started cracking and breaking. Hirohime appears in the sky. "Raito beam!" A huge beam of light shoots down at Hiruko. Nearly as bright as the sun and just as hot. Hiruko quickly dodges and it shoots right through the ground. As he dodges Tsukia appears in front of him and puts her hand on his stomach. "Death Spear!" A dark mist quickly forms in a narrow form. Hiruko tries jumping to the side but the spear pierces his side. "Death Spear Freeze!" The spear quickly freezes and gets stuck in him. "Crap I got careless." He falls to his knees in pain and before he gets back up Hirohime appears behind him and kicks him in the woods. As he's launched Tsukia appears behind him. "Crap I have to do something they're gonna put the pipsqueak back to normal." Right before Tsukia kicks him, he spins and grabs her leg and launches his self up and kicks her in the face and launched her at Hirohime. Hirohime reacts and catches her then all of a sudden Hiruko sweeps her off of her feet and knees her in the gut. Hirohime and Tsukia both fall to the ground. Hiruko backs from then. "Disparity rising eclipse!" A dark mass made of pure evil appeared in his palm. It's form was star like but it looked unstable. He threw it to the sky. "Stretch!" The mass temporarily blocked the sunlight in their area and incased them in a dark alternative world. Hirohime and Tsukia looked around as he disappeared in the darkness. "Hirohime where are we?" She looks around. "It's a potential eclipse only where we are but its a demon eclipse. Only way we are leaving is if he lets us out or we beat him." They sigh. "Tsukia we have to do the combo.." She looks at Hirohime in shock. "Are you talking about the heaven and hell combo that only God and Lucifer did?" She nods"Are you up for it? It's the only way we can defeat him without killing him." Tsukia stood up. "But wouldn't one of us become his keeper just like you and God?" She nods "Yeah he will be eternally bound to one and I think it should be you. You can control your demon side and you can go toe to toe with him in his normal demon form." "I accept. I will take the responsibility of Hiruko Akashi." Hiruko appears in front of them. "You girls can try to bond me but I'm not gonna let you I might just snap your little bodies in half." he laughs crazily. They all launch at each other throwing blow from blow. Tsukia charges at him and he swings but misses. She touches his chest and pulls out the chains of hell and wraps it around herself "What is this!?!?" "Hirohime NOW!" Hirohime goes to the back of him. "I got it..." She inhales deeply. "Key of the seal Tsukia Seikyo will now be bestowed upon with the bond of Hiruko Akashi. The normal the evil and the good. Transfer. Contain. And disperse." Hiruko transforms back into his normal self as the sealing is complete. He passes out and the eclipse leaves. Hirohime and Tsukia exhausted the pick him up together and carry him back to the house. They turn back to normal and all three lay passed out on the floor. God soon arrives after feeling all of the energy suddenly leaving them and finds them unconscious. He reacts fast and takes them to the angel medical sanctuary. A few days past and they wake up confused and dazed until they got to their senses and God told them where they were. But Hiruko confused why he was so injured asked what happened. The girls explain to God and Hiruko about his evil side. " wait, I'M STUCK WITH TSUKIA?!!!?"

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