Chapter Two

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I'm always so tired and mentally and emotionally drained ! Sleep doesn't go down to well with me ! No matter how early I get into bed, the voice never allows a gap of silence as my mind battles against its negativity! The shadows he sends place me in a real life horror movie , each and every night. The same dream that wakes me every night, tears streaming down my sweaty face, as my breathing quickening and body tenses! The fear unreal! I don't know why I carry on battling in a battle I'm clearly gonna loose, despite everything inside me telling me to give up!

I'm not the only kid who grows up this way, surrounded by kids who say that rhyme. Sticks and stones and as if broken bones hurt more than the names we get called and we get called them all. It's as if every school has an arson of names getting updated each year and if someone ever breaks at school and no-one notices, they stay silent and we all keep our secrets to ourselves, were they can be safe!

I find it hard to explain or to even slightly understand myself! About the voice, the shadows...

the suicide! Why? That's the question! Why is it me? I know how topical a question but it holds many answers! Many answers I may never know or understand!

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