A change in Venue

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"You were dreaming about Trecko weren't you?" Rin teased. "Maybe........" I couldn't deny it there was no use she was my sister she knew me better than anyone.

"Why don't you just talk to him? We hang out with him all the time anyways what would it hurt. At least to let him know you can speak. People are starting to think I lied that you actually can speak." I knew she was right deep down.

" I tried but I don't think that I can. I mean there is no way people would like me they tolerate me or I go unnoticed. Its you they know and are friends with. I'm just your shadow." My voice broke on shadow.

"That's a lie and you know it. Maybe if you talk to people they will actually get to love you half as much as I do." After she stopped talking I was tired of the subject so I nodded and went to go get dressed.

When we were finished we heard a rustling as we headed for the door. We were about to go out for our morning run. I thought to myself how handy those ears would be right now. We jumped out the window on to the deck and investigated the bushes.

"Awwwwwwwww how cute!!!!!!!" I heard Rin exclaim. "What is it? I wannna seeee!" I pouted. Then our lives changed dramatically we weren't alone anymore we now had pet wolf puppies. Shadow and poochyena we named them.

Mine of course was an adorable grey wolf pup with blue eyes and a feisty attitude. Rin's was named Shadow. Her pup was black with a purplish hue and green eyes. "He reminds me of nightshade doesn't he look like him Rin? " I smiled as I nudged her shoulder.

"I don't see the resemblance. " she was lying I could tell. His hair and fur coat were pitch black and it had the same shiny green eyes as he did. I never knew why but Rin had always liked Nightshade. Pooch came up and nuzzled my leg he was too cute. I walked into the kitchen to find something to feed him. He wouldn't stop begging me. I walked in only to find Shadow covered in flour. The pup coughed as more of the flour came crashing ontop of him.

I laughed as the puppy began growling at the sack of flour. It tried jumping on the cabinet in frustration attempting to attack the evil sack of flour. I fell on the floor holding my stomach and laughing when my pup came over to help. He was beaten by a bag of flour. The empty bag was stuck on his head.

"Come on lets go give them baths." Rin said seeing the wolves covered in all purpous flour. Afterwards we brought them back inside the livingroom they played around on the treehouse floor.

We fed them, brushed them, and then went shopping. We earned it after passing the chunin exams and the extra cash we made. We were bounty hunters. After killing one  of the top 10 in the bingo books a couple days ago we made some extra cash. We rummaged through our savings and headed off to town. This may be a village hidden in the trees but it still has tons of shops.

After hours of walking around stores we bought some new clothes, got my bellybutton peirced, (hehe I just had to have the mudkip studs for my bellybutton ring.), we stole some new weapons from the shop, and we bought groceries and even some beef jerky for us and the puppies for treats.

We dropped everything at the house and changed then fed the pups the treats. I looked in the mirror and I decided today was the day I would finally talk to my crush. I had the outfit and now the attitude with my new boots and whip no one could stop me.

Sadly no one did but a few hundred instead.


This is a short chapter I know

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