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As a girl my granpapa always said "Never show fear in the eyes of death, the reaper takes it as weakness. The strength withen you is as limitless as your stuborness." Then he would look straight into me and Sanei's eyes and  he said "The spirit of me and the wolf will be with you always" I never fullu understood him until I unlocked my Kenkei Genkai.

I was only 6 when our parents left us last year with our grandpa. He told us we needed to complete the ritual of 4 moons whatever that meant before we could see them again. Our village's customs and shinobi warriors are kept secret from all childen. Once we reach 10 we are inexplainably left to fend for ourselves. With only one chosen member of our family to vist us on weekends. They are given strict rules not to inform us of anything really.

Granpapa would bend these rules a little telling us of stories on how he built his own gigantic fort. He secretly gave us survival tips and when the Nightwatchers weren't on guard and helped us lift heavy things we couldn't. Our treehouse was built withen 1/2 of a years time.

They walked in on storytime and he was ripped away from our grasp to be executed. His last words were "Be strong my little blue and silvermist pups I love you!" He recieved an extra beating because of those words. I for one won't forget them as I know my sister won't either with an exchange of air blown kisses from us and him and the two single tears that burned mine and my sister's cheeks he was gone.

We knew better than to push the nightwatchers to far. As for granpapa had warned us about them. We always saw the flashing white canines as they greeted us every Monday and Friday in the fall and winter months to threaten and keep us in line as we were brought to school blindfolded.

We fought each other in tournaments at the end of each school year or so I had been told by the 3rd quarters. I never knew anyone to be a greater asset or ally than my twin but if I had to choose a pack it would be the older kids the 3rd quarters and a few others. They were my friends, no my family now through thick and thin. They each had their own abilities or talents.

We had been through everything together. Ever since we were little only then we didn't have to worry about things like survival. We were carefree back then. Trecko and Nightshade were in our pack. We were close to them to say the least. We always had been.



Skills- camouflage and gathering
Eyes- violet
Appearance- Dark pitch black hair with violet rings
Uses shurikens
Wears all black
Gender- Male
Age- 13
3rd quarter


Skills- technology and swords
Eyes- black with white specs
Appearance- Bright red hair
Carries a black dual bladed swords with flames up the sides of the blade from the handles
Wears black fish net shirt and black jeans
Gender - Male
New moon


Skills- drawing and poetry
Eyes- magenta
Appearance- Medium length blonde hair with red streaks
Wears her hair in a bun with red chopsticks as pins
small and short
Uses scrolls as weapons
Wears a short dragon print kimono with black fingertip shorts

1st Quarter


Skills- climbing and archery
Eyes- gold
Appearance- Brown curly hair
Has a glass bow from his parents will
Always in a hoodie and hiking boots
Gender- Male


Skills- signs and summoning
Eyes- green
Appearance- Dark Chocolate brown hair with silver tips
Dainty but feisty
Summons dogs often as allies
Wears anthing fashionable or a bit revealing
Age- 14
3rd quarter

The twins

Rin and Sanei


Skills - unknown (so far)
Eyes- silver
Appearance- blonde hair with blue streaks
Wears teal vest (imagine Naruto's with a smaller collar and no sleeves in teal) and black fishnet underneath
Has a pet wolf and can use Katuna and series of throwing knives
Stubborn and headstrong with a bad temper
Has black ears and tail with blue tipped ears and streaks in her fluffy tail
Navy blue/black color coat and above description
She has ear peircings on both sides with 2 gold rings
Height- 5.5
Age-11 or 20 in wolf years
New moon


Skills - unknown (so far)
Eyes- blue
Appearance- vibrant long silver hair
Wears really long sleeves and has black shorts over fishnet tights
Loves combat boots and spiked brass knuckles
Has a pet wolf and uses a series of spikes and whips
Kind and caring but shy (until you get to know her)
Bipolar personality
Has silver ears and tail
(When in wolf form she is pure silver)
Has a hidden bellybutton peircing with a mudkip on it (pokemon)
Height - average
Age-11 or 20 in wolf years
New moon

(Rin and Sanei haven't unlocked their full potential so no ears and tail yet.)

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