Chapter 2

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I wake up to the sound that I dread, my alarm clock. Not another day of school. I take off the warm blankets that are so welcoming and are pulling me back in. As much as I want to, I have to so I can finally leave school. I'm only in the 8th grade, but everyday counts. I walk downstairs and see my mom making breakfast for me, chocolate chip pancakes. "I see you don't eat last night, why? Was there a problem?" She says as she grabs the macaroni and cheese box out of the cabinet. "Sorry mom, I just didn't have much of an appetite last night." I lied. The pain over whelmed be lest night that I couldn't sand the thought of walking downstairs at the moment. This morning I am feeling a little bit better, but the scars will never leave. Today I also had to be tough so my mom wouldn't find out. "What's that mark on your forehead, are you okay?" My mom asked walking over to me with a concerned look on her face. Shit, I thought to myself as she examined the dash. "Oh I hit my head on the book shelf in my room last night on accident." I lied again as I moved my hand up to feel the dash myself. "I'm okay, don't worry." I said trying my best to put a smile on my face. I guess it worked when my mom said "You're so clumsy, you have to be careful." She said with a little giggle that sometimes sneaks out if her when she can't hide the kid in her. Sometimes she can be that strict mom that won't let you do anything, but most of the time she's pretty cool. I covered up my cut on my head and put some mascara on, that's basically all the makeup I wear, I go more for the natural look.
"Bye mom, love you!" I said as I exited the house. "Love you too!" My mom shouted in response as I closed the door. As I walked up the driveway, I realized there were moving vans next store to my house which has been for sale for years. I waked up to their drive way as I say a teenage boy, around 16 walk up to me. "Hi I'm Angie, I live next store." I said as I pointed I my house and stuck my hand out "Hey I Nash!" He said in response. "Last night we finally got here. We used to live near Myrtle Beach, but we moved here for my dad's work. "We'll, I better get going, I have to be at school at 8. I said as I pulled out my old phone. My new one I lost since last night when I had an encounter with staci and her boyfriend. "It's 7:37, it's about a fifteen minute walk, dot wan to be late! Nice meeting you!" I said as I smiled and started to walk away. "Wait!" I heard him shout behind me. I turned around and waited for an response. "Can you wait for me and my brother Hayes and show us the way to school?" Nash said. "Sure." I said trying to be friendly. At that moment, a very attractive boy walked out if the house. "Hey I'm Hayes Grier, nice to meet you." He said as he walked up to Nash. "Hi I'm Angie, your neighbor." I said as I pointed to my house for the second time. "Ready to go?" I asked "Yep!" Nash replied, "Hayes, you coming?" Nash asked as hayes nodded his head and starting to walk towards me. That was when I caught a glimpse of his eyes. They were bright blue, like a huge ocean shocked into one small circle. I snapped out of my gaze and started walking toward the school with Hayes and Nash by my side. "So why grade are you in Angie?" Nash asked as he continued walking. "8th grade, what about you guys?" I asked waitin for a response. "I'm I 8th also, and Nash is in 11th." Hayes replied as I'm smiled. I stuck my hand out towards Hayes. "Can I see your schedule and see what classes we have together?" I asked as he took of his backpack. "Here." He said as he gave me a quick smile handing it to me. "We have every class together except English!" I said as I returned his schedule to him. "Cool! At least there will be someone I know now." He said as we walked onto the school sidewalk. "See you in Math first period." I said to him as he walked away. "Bye!" He shouted back. I don't know why, but to be honest I get a weird feeling in my stomach wen I'm around him, almost as butterflies. As I entered my combination into my lock, I glanced across the hall realized that Hayes' locker is right there. Staci walked up to him. 'Oh great she's going to be a pleasure' I said to myself in doubt that hayes would think about her as I do. Everyone seems to love her, and everybody has a 'crush' on her. "Hey, I'm staci." I managed to hear from their conversation. "Hey, I'm hayes, I just moved here yesterday." He said while still rummaging through his bare locker. Staci kept flirting with him, which for some reason bothered me. 'Snap out of it angie, you just met him.' I thought to myself as I wondered why it seemed as if I were jealous. I glanced around again to see Staci run her hand down Hayes' arm. "Can you not." Hayes said blankly as Staci stood there confused, and then walked away in fury. I turned around laughing, trying to not make it so obvious that I thought that it was hilarious how she just got rejected, but trust me, if anyone else saw that, I wouldn't be the only one who had the urge to flip her off to make her even more pissed off.
Hayes sat with me at lunch, even though he had already made a lot of friends. He was mostly befriended by the whole 'popular' group, and as I said 'popular' in quotations. My friends Cassy and Emma also sat with me as usual. A guy named Adam sat with us also because he befriended Hayes.
As Nash, Hayes and I walked home, I decided not to take the railroad path today. "Angie, what's your phone number?" Hayes said as he handed me his phone. "OOOOO PICK UP LINEEE!" Nash shouted as Hayes commented "Shut up." As I entered my number into his phone, I couldn't help but blush fro Nash's comment. "Bye guys!" I said as I started to trail off into my driveway. "Bye!" They both said in sinc as I walked off.
"Hey honey, how was your day?" my mom asked me as I entered the kitchen where she was standing. "It was good." I said not lying this time. Today I haven't heard a word from Staci directed towards me, and I made two new friends who live across the street, Nash and Hayes. "Mom we have new neighbors across the street, the Griers, they are really nice!" I said happily as I walked up the stairs as pain sprung into my leg and the memory comes back. "Cool, we should invite them over for dinner one of the nights to introduce ourselves!" my mom suggested. "yeah that sounds good." I said as the smile slowly came back to my face as I headed up the stairs.

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