chapter 50-thoughts

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They we're loaded into a big van when idina remembered why she had been given a broom

"I'm a witch" she thought to herself "I have powers.

Then a thought came to her head,a memory.

The book he had given her,she still had it,maybe there was a spell in there to reverse time or fix this mess in any way possible.

The only problem was she couldn't see anything it was pitch black,she would have to wait until they got out but what if cara was already getting beaten,what if she was dying. No you can't think like that idina told herself, cara will be alright she had to be.

Idina wriggled over to where she thought Kristin was trying not to make much noise and grabbed her hands.

"Everything will be alright " she told the blonde"I will use my powers to get us out of this mess OK"

"But what if it doesn't work"you could hear how frightened Kristin was without even seeing her

"I fixed your legs,I can fix this mess,don't worry"

Kristin latest her little head down on idina's lap feeling comforted by idina's words,she always knew how to make Kristin feel better even when she thought it was hopeless.

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