Chaper 2: Not Your Parents

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As I finished the spaghetti, I hear Mercy coming down the stairs.

"HEY BRAT, GET IN HERE!" I called. She came in, rather annoyed with me. I pointed to the dishes, signaling her to set the table. I started to hum In The End by Black Veil Brides, as I brought out dinner. I walked out still humming as everyone was sitting at the table waiting. Once dinner was served, I sat my fat ass down and ate. I looked up when I realized everyone was quite. I had two options here. One, start a conversation or Two, play some music.

The real question is which CD should I put in. I think with a giggle. Pierce the Veil? Nah.... BOTDF? Oh, shit nope... Motionless in White maybe? Not today... BVB? Why the hell not?? I stopped. Shit, now which one..??

"... Faith?" I was brought out of my thoughts, realizing I was too slow. ah fuck

"Yeah?" I asked.

"I said, how was your day, Faith?" My dad's girlfriend asked. Damn. Fuck it, I like music better.

"Fine, but I'll be right back." I swiftly went over to the stereo. I ran my fingers across my BVB CD's and chose Set The World On Fire. I put it in, set it up to repeat the disc, and hit play. Andy's voice flooded the room, and I noticed that Mercy relaxed a little as I did.

I headed back to my seat and everyone just listened. I was slightly surprised it was not changed. Oh well. Everyone ate in silence but you could tell that only Mercy and I liked them. I know Char and Serenity do as well.

As everyone finished, Mercy and I decided to do the dishes to escape the tension still building in the dining room. It was like a damn volcano, just waiting for it to explode. Yeesh.

"Jesus Torres, I felt like I couldn't breathe with all the tension in that room." Mercy breathes out as we start. I nodded. Now was time to let her talk, and besides, I don't talk much anyway. I let my mind wander as I cleaned and Mercy droned on.

I wonder what rock stars do when they're bored. Maybe they write more music? Or play games? Maybe they eat gummy bears. OOH, that reminds of the song "Imma gummy bear, yes Imma gummy bear, Imma.." what if gummy bears were alive? OMJ! What if they eat humans for treats? Do we taste good? Hmm...

"... have no idea why they're all here" That brought me back from gummy bear land.I finished the last pan and opened my mouth to respond when

"MERCY, FAITH, GET OUT HERE!!" I hear at least three different people call. Jesus Torres, what the fuck?

"What did you do?" I bent down to whisper to Mercy.

"ME?? What did YOU do?" She replied.

We both shrug and walk in the living room. The first thing I noticed is my music was off. I frowned, not cool. I looked over to everyone and noticed how damn quiet everyone suddenly became. Well then...

We both sat down, very one edge. At first, no one spoke. Then, my mom pipped up.

"So girls... there is something we need to tell you... and we need you to be mature and accepting of what we have to say."

"Oh shit.. we're being sent away to boarding school" I hear Mercy mutter. I rolled my eyes.

I lean down and whisper, "If anything, it'll be a military school."

She just nodded.

"We are really sorry but - " Mom started

"YOU ARE SENDING US TO MILITARY SCHOOL AREN'T YOU!!!" sigh.. leave it to Mercy to freak the fuck out.

"Sit down Mercy! It's nothing like that" John orders. She just looked pissed.

"ANYWAY, as your mother was trying to say is,  "My father butted in," you are not sisters by blood because we adopted Faith."

We both froze, shocked. I snapped out of it just in time to snag Mercy from flying up and doing who knows what.

"Why you little -" I place my hand over her mouth, know just perfectly what's about to fly outta her mouth. The same thing going through my head.

Why those little motherfuckers had no right to keep that from us. Not my bio parents.... Mercy isn't even my sister... Wait, then who is my mom, dad?? Where am I from??

With Mercy still ranting in muffled voices, I pipe up.

"Then who are my parents?" Mercy stopped and Jenny answered my question, out of all people.

"We don't really know your parents.. but we do know who does. Your biological brother." Mercy looked sickly pale. I sit her down next to me a sooth her.

"And that would be who...?" I look up and my mother smiled.

"Do you know of an Andrew Biersack?"

Mercy passed out and I sat there with a gaping mouth.


"AND" my father spoke up

"there's an and!?!" I squeaked.

"Yes, AND you're going to meet him in a week."

Mercy and I just stood there. No one saw that coming.


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