Chapter Seven

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I got a call from someone I thought I'd never talk to again.
"Hello? Is this Nicole Wilson?" She asked with a little bit of excitement.

"Um yeah who's this?" I asked

"Kyra Grey, silly." She laughed

I froze. Kyra Grey as in my old bestfriend, Kyra Grey as in the girl who fucked my boyfriend will ex boyfriend. Kyra Grey as in the girl who caused me to go suicidal and depressed....

"Hello? Are you there?" She asked.

I shallowed the dry lump in my throat and said "I-I um yeah"

"Listen? Can we talk in person? Like meet up somewhere?" She asked in a hopeful voice.

Should I say okay? Should I go and meet up with her? Part of me wants me to go and another part of me wants me to say no. I thought to myself. I was interrupted by my thoughts when she spoke again.

"It's okay if you don't want to" she sighed.

I sighed and bit my bottom lips.
"Um where do we meet?" I said as I felt my stomach turn.

"The mall tomorrow at 3?" She squealed

"Okay..." I said and hanged up.

I sighed and said to myself "what have I gotten myself into" I just shrugged it off and laid in bed. Thinking... Thinking... And thinking!
I eventually fell asleep.

I woke with a headache, it was probably because I went to bed thinking. I groaned and got up.
I checked the time on my phone, it was 1:30 pm. Holy I sleep Long
I got up and went to the washroom and took a shower. Then it hit me.
I forgot my clothes, I sighed and twisted the doorknob, and looked around the room, to my luck there was no one. I sighed in relieve..
And went to my closet, I put on dark blue ripped skinny jeans and a cute top, with my hair into a nice braid that is on the side of my head.
I grabbed my sun glasses and put them in my purse, and put on a little make up. And looked at the time is 2:30 pm so I decided I'd go early.
I walked downstairs and saw Scooter and Justin talking.
They looked at me, and I just said "hi" with a small smile.

"Hi Nicole" scooter said with a smile.
"Where are you going?" Scooter asked me.

"I-I um. Im going to the mall to meet up with someone." I answered quietly

"Nicole, I hope your not seeing Kevin again, your mom will be mad and worried." He said sternly.

"No-no im not seeing Kevin. I'm just going to meet up with an friend" I said.

"Okay, I'm going to be busy today with Justin." He said, I just nodded and made my way to the door.
And walked to my car.
Then drove to the mall.

I walked in the entrance and went to the food court and sat down, I felt my tummy growl. I got up and ordered something to eat. I ate my food and got a text from Kyra.

[K = Kyra] {N = Nicole}

K- Hey, I'm in the mall at the food court where r u?

I hesitated to answer back.
I sighed and decided to text back.

N- I'm sitting in the food court eating lunch. Near the pizzeria.

K- okay I'll be there.
I sighed and thought "I can't believe I'm doing this, maybe I should walk away, after all she did cause my pain. Maybe I should just go." But then my thoughts were interrupted by Kyra saying "hello? Nicole! OMG it's been so long since I've seen you." She squealed and hugged me.
I didn't hug back. I just nodded.
She sat down and silence filled up between us.
She cleared her throat and started to talk.
"Listen Nicole,
I'm so sorry for what I've done in the past, I'm so stupid for doing that. I knew you loved him, he loved you, and I felt jealous of you guys so I just did it, I didn't know what I was thinking, but can you forgive me and can we start over and be friends again?" She said
I sighed.
"He never loved me Kyra, if he loved me then he woulda pushed you away from him but no, he went for it.
I wouldn't blame him though, you fucking look like a model. But it's okay I'm over it." I knew for sure I wasn't over it but it had to be said. I needed to forgive and forget....
"But, um maybe we can start over" I sightly smiled.
Her face lit up and smiled big.
She squealed and said " thank you thank you thank you, you don't know how much I missed you!!!" She screamed.
I sightly laughed, and nodded.
I felt like something inside of me is telling me that I'm gonna regret it soon. I just shrugged it off. And we talked nonstop for 3 hours.
We shopped and it was really fun.
I went to the parking lot, and drove home, it was almost 7.
I got home 10 minutes later.
I walked into the house with the lights off it was dark. I saw candles lit up, and it was revealing a path into the backyard. I made a confused look.
But followed it.

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