Chapter 16

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The kiss was dramatically broken by a startled Jesy bashing through the double doors. As soon as she saw the two in the position they were in, she paused for a moment as her mouth made an O shape. Jade and Leigh just sat awkwardly and silently, not knowing what kind of move to make, but after a short pause, they noticed Jesy began to smirk.
"Girls?" She began grinning
"y...yes?" Jade murmured
"is... did I just see that?"
Jade and Leigh Anne exchanged cheeky glanced before giggling. Jesy began giggling too as she continued to stand in the doorway, holding one of the doors open with one arm.
"aww cuties!" Jesy blew a kiss, but then she remembered why she was there in the first place...
"Guys!!" She suddenly stopped giggling and her face went back to a shocked and panicked face. "I need you both to come... NOW!" Jesy gestured with her hand as the two raced down the corridor after her. They quietly but quickly came through the door numbered 51- Perrie's room.
As the stumbled in, one after the other, Jade, who was at the back, notice the constant bleeping of the heart rate monitor. "She's OK!" Jade's heart leapt a little with happiness and hope.
"Yes! And look!" Jesy pointed at Perrie's face, which wasn't as pale as it had been when the other two had seen her previously. Leigh's grin spread right across her face and her eyes twinkled. "Its going to be ok" LeighAnne put her hand on Jade's shoulder as they both stood gazing at Perrie. Jesy was knelt beside her.
"The nurses said it may still be a few hours, but theres a 80% chance she'll be ok in the next 2 hours!" Jesy giggled excitedly. Jade glanced around the room, realising all the nurses were actually stood around. There were 5 of them in total, including Dr Johnson. Jade nodded her head at the doctor as a sign to say thank you. She smiled at all the nurses too, but she said nothing. She didn't have to.
LeighAnne went to kneel beside Jesy. "You're girl is gonna be ok" Leigh whispered to Jesy, who was shaking. Leigh wasn't sure whether Jesy was nervous, overjoyed or excited, but she guessed it was a little mix of all of them! Jesy smiled back at Leigh.
"Thanks, but I think Jade deserves her. I think they love each other too much. I think Perrie would much prefer it... if I left her... so Jade could... could have her..." Jesy stumbled on her words
"I don't think so!" Leigh said with a smirk from the corner of her mouth.
Jesy remembered again. "woops!" Jesy giggled "I think we're sorted then!" Both the girls giggled between themselves for a minute or two, whilst Jade still stood looking upon Perrie. "There's no way she wouldn't have made it through." She mumbled to herself "Our Perrie's a fighter." Jade smiled to herself. LeighAnne and Jesy overheard the little brunette murmuring to herself and glanced around to find her laughing on her own. "Jade?!" Leigh laughed
"yeah!?" Jade quickly stopped giggling when she saw that the others had noticed.
"Haha Jade you're just too cute!" Leigh Anne winked.
"OOH SHE WANTS YA!" Jesy muttered under her breath. Leigh and Jade burst into fits of laughter.

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