Chapter IV

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He was gone just as fast as he has appeared. I had meant to spite him, humiliate him even, but his rage was frankly quite unexpected. The feeling of his cold breath on her ear could not be shaken off, and neither could his words. I made my way slowly to my next class, PE. Physical Education, the class to torture and embarrass all people who were not in perfect shape. I wasn't unfit, but I was by no means ready to run a marathon, and my hand eye coordination was practically inexistent. They were in the dreaded dodgeball unit, the stereotypical American way to torment the poor nerds and oversized kids. As I walked into the gym, wearing the mandatory apparel, I watched the brutal selection of the teams. It was like a sacred ceremony, and Mr.Armstrong lavished every second. He shunned the typical count-off by two's and instead brutally selected all of the fit and strong for one team, and the not so-fit and not-so strong. I was part of the latter, the so-called victims, and as I joined my fellow teammates for another session of suffering. As I stood, ready for the opponents to step onto the battlefield, I saw him. He was looking at me with fire in his eyes, and I applied my usual strategy, run and hide.

I hid as soon as the whistle was blown, running to my corner and staying as the balls rained down on us. Finally, I was the last one standing. Mr.Armstrong had had enough of my "sissy play," and I was forced to "get outta there or hit the track". I started running back and forth, anywhere to avoid the balls until a pair of eyes stopped me. He looked at me, and a smirk danced around on his lips. Then I felt a bolt of pain in my temple, a flash of white, and my legs gave way to nothingness as I was enveloped in black.

"Honey, are you ok? Does your head hurt? Want some ice? I'll get some ice, that okay?" I woke up to the nurse's frantic rambling as she placed ice on my head. I blinked twice, and as I regained my senses, all I could think was oh how I hate him. Pain blared in my head, and I lay back down. "Honey talk to me, please, are you ok? Cassandra? Oh my god do you have permanent brain damage?" she gasped, obviously with no idea what to do. "Maybe a band-aid would help. Yes a band aid!"

"I'm fine" I growled, silently shooting daggers at her for ruining my list of 100 Most Painful Ways to Kill Calyx. "Oh honey I'm so glad, its been ages since you were awake. Do you know my name?" She asked me like I was a two year old. "Miss, its been 15 minutes, which is hardly ages." I retorted. "Here, want a lollypop" she asked, giggling as if we had shared some kind of secret. I took 2 for good measure, and went back to my plotting. That was low that was low that was low I thought, feeling the prominent lump that had formed on my head. He did it on purpose, that I knew. I didn't know how, or even why, but I knew that much. And I knew there was no way he was getting away with it.

I entered 4th period Algebra 20 minutes late, scowling and sporting a nasty looking bruise on the centre of my forehead. As soon as I entered, I hear the voice that made my blood boil. "Hey Cassy, we missed you. Oh wait no we didn't" Calyx sniggered, and so did most of the class. I bit the inside of my cheek to stay quiet, but it took all of the willpower I had to leave him alone. The rest of the class passed by like a typical class with Calyx, as I was starting to realise. He practically gave the class, talking more than the teacher, but no one, not even the previous nerds opened their mouths. It was almost funny, almost, that his arrival had flipped all of the social statuses around. There seemed to be only two: Calyx, and everyone else. How I loathed him. I passed algebra speculating on hurting him. The bell rang, and I headed to my locker when I hear that voice again, this time covered in a facade sweet voice. "Cassy, are you ok? It's too bad no one will kiss that boo boo for you." I heard sniggers behind him, and finally I had had enough. I whipped around and delivered a strong uppercut to his gut. I wish I could say I felt guilty as he doubled over, but I was too busy bathing in satisfaction to feel anything else. "I would love to say the same, but I'm sure that any of your stalkers here would very gladly kiss that boo boo for you" I said, and proceeded to my locker.
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