Chapter 6

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Maddys Pov

The bleeding wouldnt stop from my arm and the pain was getting ridiculous. I grab my phone from my bag and tap Marys number

M- maddy Ma- mary

Ma- Maddy?
M- mary help me. get me the fuck out of here
Ma- what? What happened?
M- ashton fucking broke the door and nearly killed my wrist. Bleeding wont stop. Help
Ma- im on my way

"Are you okay?" Luke says sitting next to me examining my wrists

"Yeah. Just wont stop" I say talking about the bleeding

"Dont worry" He says before a collapsed the floor with Mary and Michael behind it

"Mary" I say getting up and walking towards her holding the bandage in place

"Can we see?" Michael mumbles placing a kiss to her head

"It hurts" I mumble as Michael unwraps the wound seeing 5 open wounds and a unapolgetic Ashton

"We need to get you to a nurse" Michael says carrying me to the school nurse

"What happened?" The nurse says

"I knocked into the sports javellines in the sports room and the point parts, landed on it" I say as She puts a liquid on making it sting. I put my head in Michaels chest and yell in pain

"Baby girl, calm down" Michael says patting my head and kissing my head

"All done" The nurse says stitching up the wound and placing a large plaster over it

Michael helps me off the bed with my bag on his back along with his bag

"What are you doing afterschool?" Michael says smiling

"I have to go to my Dads side tonight" i smile kissing his cheeck

"Sorry" I sad smile as the bell rings, I walk out the gates and take my bag off him

"Thank you Michael, Ill text you so we can do something tomorow" I sad smile kissing his lips and hugging him

"Love you babe" I smile as he wraps his arms around my waist making me stop going.

"Babe" I whine wrapping my arms around his neck

"I dont want you to go" He says as Calum and Mary do the same

"Michael and Calum, hurry up" Ashton says before he pulls away

"I love you baby" Michael says kissing my lips and my head

"I love you too" I smile before I walk into my cousins car who was waiting for me

"I missed you so much" I say hugging him and kissing his cheeck

"Me too" he says his green eyes shining bright

"Its been so long! You know what?" He says

"Im touring with 5 seconds of summer! Im there recording" He says as my smile drops

What the actual fuckt

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