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"Sweetie come here for a moment please"! My parents yelled!

"Coming"! I replied running down the stairs

"We have 2 things to tell you"My mom said

"Sit down Logan" My dad said

"Okay 1st we are Letting you go to Magcon Nashville"! My mom said

"OMG THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH"!! I screamed and hugged them

"But that's not all" mom said

"There is something we need to tell you" dad said

"Okay tell me" I said

"Sweetie your not the only child" my mom said

"What"? I asked shocked

"We wanted to tell you sooner"dad said

"Then why didn't you"?! I asked getting mad

"We didn't have enough time with work and school" mom said

"do I have a brother or a sister"? I asked calming down

"An older brother" dad said

"Oh"was all I could say

"His name is Cameron" mom said

What if it's Cameron from magcon I thought

Nahh it's not him

"Uh can I see a picture of him"? I asked

"Sure hold on" mom said while looking through her phone

"Here" she handed me the phone

My eyes popped out of my head

"Mom this must be a mistake or a prank"I said

She looked hurt that I didn't believe her but how am i supposed to believe that Cameron freakin Dallas is my brother.

"Honey why would we ever lie to you about something like this"? Mom asked me

"He's in magcon. Ya know the boys I'm obsessed with so..."I said

"You will get to see him this weekend then"! She said

"I'm gonna go upstairs and pack" I said

"Okay honey"mom said

I need to text my friend Madison

~~~~~text convo~~~~~~

Me ~Madison can you come NOW?!

Boothang💕~ sure be over in 5

Me ~ kk

Boothang💕-okay bye😘


Madison arrived 5 minutes later

"Madison you gonna freak out"! I said

"What"?! She said

"So my parents told me that I have an older brother

I pause
Cameron Dallas is my brother Madison"! I said

She stood there shocked

"Are you sure Logan"? She asked

"Well we're going to magcon this week end I guess we will find out then" I smiled

"Okay! Can't wait"! She said

"Me either haha"! I said


Text convo with Madison

me~ hurry up and get here!

Boothang💕~ I'm coming!

me~get in the car when you get here


me~ k

~~~~~~skip plane ride~~~~~~

"Madison were finally in Nashville about to meet are Idols and my brother"! I squealed

"I know"! Madison said

"Im gonna tweet about it I said"

@thelogandallaz99 OMG IM AT MAGON WITH @Madisonbeer83

"Done"! I smiled

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