The babies Coming

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Virgil, Roman,Logan,Pattaton have been locked in an empty room for a few hours now Roman Logan and Pattaton have been arguing for the past 3 hours while Virgil is in one of the corners of the room trying to calm down.

Virgil POV

'Oh God The baby is coming' I've been saying this for the past several hours My water broke already I don't have a lot of time I turn to face the three men arguing about who knows what I hold onto the wall for support I've been trying to get their attention but they keep either ignoring me or they don't hear me.

V: Ugh... *panting* *Baby kicking hard with the contractions* I know baby I know you want out if I can get your fathers to stop yelling maybe you can be born in a hospital *Baby soft kicking* OK thank you baby I know I know

V: G-Guys
Roman: "Not now baby".
Logan: "Don't shoo him away!".
Patton: "Stop yelling!!".

V: "Guys pls......".

All three: *Arguing*

V: *The baby slowly moving down there to* "Oh God no Baby Not now pls not yet wait a little longer pls". I'm holding the wall but my legs are shaking I'm trying not to scream but I can't take it anymore


Roman, Logan,Patton: *Stop arguing and turn to Virgil* Virgil is leaning against the wall we rush over

Roman: Baby what's wrong


Logan Patton and Roman lock eyes: Oh God

Roman: It's OK I'll teleport you to-

Virgil: There's no time! I'm sorry but the babies coming now!

Logan: OK that's OK I'll deliver the baby Pat Roman hold his hands

Patton and Roman slowly ease Virgil to the ground Roman took off his cape so Virgil won't have to sit on the dirty floor.

Patton: Baby we're sorry we made you wait

Virgil: I've been trying to get you all to stop yelling but I couldn't I tried but- AHHH! Oh God

Logan: No none of that no blaming yourself

Pat: Yeah OK you're probably mad at all of us and you're in a lot of pain so just-

Virgil: *squeezes both hands in a death lock* The babies coming Loggy I can't hold it much longer

Roman brushes Virgil's bangs and Patton wipes the sweat Logan is in position to catch the baby

Virgil: "I have to push I have to push!!!".

Logan: Go ahead baby you're fully dilated

Virgil: *Pushes* Ugh! *panting* Ah!*Virgil is hold their hands in a death grip*

Roman: You got this baby push baby push *Virgil holds Romans collar*

Virgil: I AM! I'm trying it just hurts

Patton leads Virgil to lean of him holding him close

Patton: I know baby I know

Logan: You're doing great baby keep pushing

Virgil: AHHHH!!! *Tears pouring down his face* UGH! AHHH!

Roman still holding Virgil's hand is rubbing his back Patton is rubbing his belly that was holding their baby Logan was rubbing Virgil's thigh to comfort him. All encouraging Virgil

Virgil: I'm sorry for yelling in your ears but... I CAN'T IT HURTS AHHHH!!

Pat: No baby none of that keep pushing

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