Chapter 2: Trolling The Tomato!

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The alarm blared out, only to smashed by another snake.

"When the hell did we get a new clock!? Did you do this Author!?"

I don't know what you're talking about.


"Y/N, it is too early to be screaming." Ophis says staring at him.

"Fine! But I won't forget this!"

Yes you will.

"So it was you!"

Y/N got ready for school.



"Damn author. Making me go to school."

"Be careful. I sense many devils here." Ophis spoke in his mind.

Y/N just sighed and made his way to class.

Upon reaching the classroom door he smirked, before raising his leg.


He walked through the door and went to his seat, earning glares from the guys, and squeals from the girls.

"I'd never go for any of these girls, but damn if messing with these guys isn't fun."

He immediately went to sleep.


The day went by quickly with no issue.

As Y/N was asleep the entire day, he was slowly waking up.

Then all the girls started squealing.


"Nani? The fuck?" Y/N looked over to the door he previously kicked in to see a blonde boy.

"Nani? The fuck?" Y/N looked over to the door he previously kicked in to see a blonde boy

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"Who the hell is that?"

"Pardon my intrusion, but is there a
Y/N L/N here?" Kiba asked.

Everyone's head turned to Y/N.

"What it do?"

"My club leader sent me to fetch you. Would you please follow me?"

"Got nothin' better to do." Y/N sighed as he got up.

"Stay on your guard."

"What are they gonna do Half-pint? Tickle me to death? You have too little faith in me."

Y/N followed behind Kiba, ignoring the stares they got.

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