Chapter One

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Chapter 1 

I had just gotten my dream job, and it happened a year after I started with the firm. I was one of the lucky ones, getting a job the summer I left college. It was entry level, but it was the ‘foot in the door’I needed to get me on the inside. I knew with hard work, my analytical skills, and attention to detail, I could make them take notice of me and they did.

Now I was on my way to tell my husband Brandon. Our one year anniversary was coming up and with the news of my job promotion I couldn’t wait to celebrate. I made my way across town to the college campus. Being Wednesday night I knew Brandon liked to stay behind in his office to talk with his students and then do some work after everyone left. 

Briskly, I trotted down the hall, eager to tell him my good news. When I reached his office door with his name painted in gold ink - Professor Brandon Miller, I turned the handle. It was locked. That was nothing new. He often did that after the student visiting hour was over, so he could work uninterrupted by the staff and janitors. I pulled the key ring from my purse and unlocked the door.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. I walked inside his office to find a nude blonde woman, with fake boobs, sprawled across Brandon’s desk. My loving husband, naked from the waist down fucking her so hard, papers were flying from the desk, like leaves falling from a tree in a wind storm.

In shock, I dropped the keys I was holding and they hit the floor with a loud clank, forcing Brandon and the bimbo to look my way. Brandon’s mouth fell open in shock. The blonde bimbo simply smiled, looking thrilled to be caught in the act. I reached down, grabbed my keys, and ran from the room. I felt my stomach roll and prayed I didn’t throw up. 

Slamming my palms against the silver bar on the double doors, I made my escape outside. The cool air felt good against my skin as I rushed to my car. Once inside, I started the engine and put down the window. Clutching the steering wheel so tight, my knuckles turned white, I tried to concentrate on my breathing. I shook my head back and forth; as if doing this would make the scene vanish from my brain. 

I kept thinking—This. Can. Not. Be. Happening. How could the best day of my life suddenly become the worst in a matter of minutes? When I opened my eyes and looked out the windshield, I saw Brandon coming through the door. I put the car in reverse and sped out of the parking lot, leaving behind black tire marks on the macadam. I barely missed running him over as his palms slammed onto the trunk of the car. That son of a bitch wasn’t worth going to jail over, although I would have loved to see him badly injured at that moment. What was I going to do now? That phrase repeated in my mind as I drove home. Thankfully, it was only a few blocks away.

When I was inside the apartment, I went to the bedroom and walked into the closet. I stared at our clothing, neatly hung, and arranged by color. I grabbed his perfectly pressed khaki pants off their hangers and threw them on the ground, stomping on them, imagining I was stomping on his heart. Then I took a pair of scissors from the top of the of the dresser and viscously cut and slit his freaking blazers, especially the plaid one with the suede elbow patches he loved so much. Breathing heavily and looking at the destruction I’d left in my wake, I pulled the luggage from the closet and threw it on the bed. Now the only question was whose stuff was I going to pack? By rights, I should kick Brandon out on his ass. He cheated on me.

I looked around our bedroom at all the things that reminded me of him—us. Damn it! I couldn’t stay here. Decision made, I was moving out. Furiously I started grabbing my clothes from the closet, haphazardly throwing them in the suitcases. 

When I filled the two suitcases, I ran to Brandon’s home office and looked for boxes. I found two that were filled with paperwork. I promptly turned them upside down and dumped the papers all over the floor. As I was carrying the empty boxes back to the bedroom, Brandon walked through the front door.

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