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stan hated her.

stan hated heather. so much.

he knew he shouldn't, he had no good reason. she was kind, pretty, helpful.

so why did he hate her? she stole richie away from him. just as stan thought that he was starting to get somewhere with richie, boom. this girl named heather had to just show up.

he hated it so much. but, no matter how much he hates her and everything, he knew very well it wouldn't do anything hating their relationship. it wouldn't do shit.

he ranted about her in his journal and to bev, cried all night and fantasized about richie but of course, it didn't do anything.

he'd think about coming up with ways to break them up,

but he knew it wasn't right.

he knew that he shouldn't even be crushing on richie. and he shouldn't be jealous of their relationship.

and stan hated how he got a bit happy whenever there was tension between richie and heather, or something seemed off. he knew very well that he shouldn't get happy when he sees that. but that doesn't stop him from feeling even a teensy bit happy.

but now, because of that most he felt was guilt and sadness.

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