Chapter 3

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Even in the early hours of the afternoon, The Lounge was bustling with women dressed in tiny leather dresses and men in suits. As soon as I stepped into the room, their sweet scents hit my nostrils. I inhaled deeply, eyes closing in delight.

Eros rested his hand on my lower back and guided me through the room to the beige booth that Lucifer reserved. He leaned back in his seat, his icy eyes lively and vibrant as we walked toward him, and raised his glass. "Finally decided to show up."

"Was Lucifer upset we didn't make it here sooner?" I teased, scooting into the seat.

"And if I was?"

I placed a hand on Eros's knee and shrugged my shoulders, giving him a sly smile. "Oh, well."

His wide, excited eyes flickered over to Eros who was arching a brow at me. "Where'd she get this attitude from?"

I kicked my legs back and forth under the table, drawing my fingers against Eros's black jeans. "Eros told me I had to flirt today."

Lucifer tilted his head toward Eros. "You told your woman to flirt with me?"

"Actually, I told her not to flirt with you."

The pretty brunette waitress—who always flirted with me here—leaned over our table to place two Passion Delights in front of us. "Can I get anything else for you, Commander Lucifer, Eros..." She turned to me, her soft, full lips parted ever so slightly.

"Dani," I said to her, my heart rate quickening. She smelt like dark hot chocolate on a chilly day, sweet and needed. "My name is Dani."

"Well, Dani..." She brushed her fingers against my forearm, the touch soft and gentle, unlike anything I had felt before. "Can I get you anything else?"

I reluctantly pulled my arm away and shook my head. God, was I bad at this whole flirting thing. I couldn't even look her right in the eye while she was flirting with me. It made me feel so... utterly... good. Too good.

Lucifer watched her walk away while I focused on the lovely wooden table to try to catch my breath. Eros inhaled deeply, his arm around me relaxing. "Dani," he hummed. "I can sense you."

I pressed my lips together, my cheek flushing a deep red. Lucifer sipped his drink. "Looks like her training is going exceptionally well. If you need to practice some more, Dani..." He held up the keys to a Lust Room, dangling them in front of me. "I have this."

Eros tensed slightly, eyes flickering from the keys to Lucifer's smirk. A strong whiff of cinnamon rolled off of Eros, and I relaxed further into the booth. I hadn't even sipped my drink yet, and I already felt drunk off passion.

"Maybe later," Eros said. "What'd you want to talk to us about?"

Lucifer paused for a long moment, gazing around the room at some Wraths making a fuss with the asshole waiter from a few weeks ago. "Dani has gotten herself in some trouble."

My brows furrowed. "What kind of trouble?"

"The kind that lands you in the pits of Tartarus, right next to your little boy-toy Javier."

Eros growled and tensed beside me, fingers curling into my shoulder. Javier... I swallowed hard. Don't think about him, Dani. Don't even...

"What kind of trouble?" I asked again.

"Sathanus wants to put a bounty on your head," he said. "Told his son he wanted your horns to hang above the pits so nobody"—He pointed at me—"and I quote 'So nobody takes my fuckin' heirs again.'"

My heart sunk. The Lusts from Chastion this morning were right. Sathanus was out to get me for killing his son. I sipped my drink, trying to stay calm. "What does that mean? What will he do?"

"He tortures people, mostly physically, sometimes mentally." Eros leaned back in the seat, brushing a hand over his face. "Fuck... I should've killed Javier myself. You've put yourself in danger by taking his soul."

"She can handle herself," Lucifer said. "His weakness is the hilt of his tail. If he comes close to you, grab it hard and give it a good whack." He winked. "And tell him that Luci taught you, just for good measure."

I playfully rolled my eyes to show that Sathanus's threat didn't bother me, but it did. Hell, it terrified me because Dad had outlined in his journal all the ways Wraths torture and kill people... and I didn't think I'd enjoy any single one of them.

"What do we do if he threatens her?" Eros asked.

"He won't touch her," Lucifer said.

"What makes you so sure?"

"Because he has a kingdom to lead, and Dani just killed his oldest and strongest heir... He'll get someone else to do his dirty work... He always does."

"Sathanus has other children?" I asked. The thought had completely passed through my mind these past two weeks. Everything with this ceremony had been keeping me too busy to sit back and think for the shortest moment. I should've known he had other heirs who'd be out to get me.

Luci nodded his head. "Biast Sathanus, the next in line."

I took a long gulp of my Passion Delight until I had drunk the very last of it. Well, fuck. First, I have Javier haunting me... and now I have his brother hunting me. At least, I expected his brother Biast to come at me with revenge.

Eros and Lucifer began talking amongst themselves about the rumors, and my phone started buzzing on the table. Maria's name flashed on the screen along with two texts, asking me where I was.

"I have to go see Maria," I said, scooting out of the booth. "We're helping Trevon move today."

"Trevon? The guy who cheated on you, then got possessed?" Lucifer asked with a smirk. "Don't get yourself into trouble."

I raised a brow at him. "Don't be getting my Eros into trouble, either, Luci." I threw him a wink. "Or I'll come for you next."

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