Chapter 1

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My castle. My kingdom. My Eros.

He pushed me against our balcony doors, kissing me from behind. Lips against my neck. Fingers trailing up and down my sides. Hardness pressed against my back. I curled my fingers into the curtains and grasped them in my hand, enjoying this blissful moment with the only man I wanted.

"Out," he said, clutching the door handle. "I want everyone to watch me devour every inch of your body."

I pushed the doors open, expecting to see the beautiful Kingdom of Lust that I had woken up to for almost two weeks now. But instead of the rosy exterior, everything was burning with red flames that licked the edges of the balcony, orange lava that surrounded the castle, and black ash that rained down from the fiery sky above us and burned when it touched my skin. He placed his hands on the balcony next to me, trapping me between him, and drew his nose up the side of my neck.

"Dani," he said, his voice so utterly sensual. God, I wanted him. If I could, I'd take all of him... every last piece, savor every single taste, let him become a part of me. He curled a hand around the front of my throat, squeezing gently. "You don't know how fucking long I've waited for you to find me." He squeezed tighter, pushed me against the railing—my breasts pressing against the edge—and drew his fingers harshly against my nipples, sending a wave of pleasure through me.

God, Eros always knew the exact way I needed to be touched.

When he flicked his long fingernails against one of them again, I moaned softly to myself and grasped the black balcony. Flames licked my fingers, but I didn't care. His heat was already too much for me.

He pressed himself against my backside, letting me feel his cock against my ass. Distant, hazy memories that I barely even remembered flashed through my mind, like his hands wrapped around my throat, using my body to thrust into me. Him putting a collar around my neck and walking me down the Lust Room hallway in our castle to his room. Tying my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the footboard of a familiar bed and slapping me hard against the cheek when I refused to suck his cock.

Those long, calloused fingers brushed down my arm, making my hair stand up. Though it must've been over a hundred degrees here, his touch made me shiver. So familiar yet so utterly foreign.

He interlocked his fingers with mine on the balcony, pressing them against my family ring and squeezing them tightly. After shuddering for the briefest moment, he slipped his hand into my panties and rubbed my clit, finally giving me what I wanted.

"I'll take everything from you, Dani." He breathed harshly against my ear, two fingers thrusting hard up inside of my wet pussy. I clenched around him, loving the way he used me. "Ruin your perfect little body." A wave of pleasure rolled through me. "Destroy all those heavenly thoughts running through your mind." Pressure built higher in my core. "Corrupt you."

I doubled over the balcony, grasping the railing to hold myself up despite my trembling legs. He brushed his fangs against my neck and chuckled. "You've cum already? I haven't even started yet."

There was more to his words, yet I didn't bother trying to figure it out now. All I could see were flames, me standing in the flames with a crown on my head, fire in my eyes, and a kingdom that burned brightly behind me...

He tugged on my ring, nearly taking it off of me, and continued to touch my pussy, his fingers moving faster than before. "In two weeks you'll ascend as Queen and Commander of Lust, and once you do... this kingdom will become yours and Lust will become mine." Something in his voice seemed so irate and tense.

He smirked against my neck, his fangs pricking the skin, nearly drawing blood. I gazed down from our balcony, watching the black and white ash fall from the eerie red clouds above. It fell onto my skin, no longer burning it but becoming part of me, clinging onto it like it was supposed to be there.

But... this kingdom wasn't Lust.

My head felt fuzzy, and I swayed in Eros's arms. He pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed them against my clit again. I grasped the railing tighter. "Oh, my god."

"God won't help you down here, my Ira."

"Please," I whispered.

"Please, what?"

A wave of heat washed over me, making my cheeks flush. "Eros," I breathed, my mind in a daze. All I could feel was the intense pressure in my core and his hard cock against me. I wanted him inside of me. God, I wanted him inside of me so bad. "Eros, please."

"Eros?" he asked with so much distaste on his tongue. I tensed for the briefest moment, my mind beyond cloudy. "Still so innocent, Dani... you don't know the first thing about stealing souls, the first thing about taking a life, the first thing about leading a kingdom."

My brows furrowed. What... what was he talking about?

"Eros is long gone. It's just me and you in this pretty little mind of yours."

"Wh-what do you mean Eros is..." My heart beat against my chest. I turned around in his embrace and shrieked. Two alluring maroon eyes stared down at me, the same eyes that had been haunting my memory for the past two weeks.


Javier was here. Javier was back. How was he back? Why was here, in my dream?

He smirked and stepped toward me, pinning me to the balcony, wrapping his hand around my throat, and letting the flames burn my flesh. "You're mine now, Dani." He inched closer and closer and closer, yet I couldn't move back. It seemed as if I was stuck in a nightmare. His lips brushed against mine. "All mine."

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