New Years Eve~ Chapter 22

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It was 11:00 p.m. on New Years Eve and the whole gang was here. I was mostly watching Masky and Jeff the Killer play Just Dance 2014.

You had danced a little with Toby but grew tired and stopped for a bit and now he was getting you some punch since you were a little thirsty.

Toby came back a minute later.

"So what's your New Years resolution?" He asked.

"Oh I don't know yet..." You replied.

"Yeah... I have one but I'll wait till midnight to tell you."

"Ok..." you said yawning.

"Is my little angel tired?" Toby asked.

You nodded slightly.

"Well, we got a hour so I'll wake you up before New Years... K?"

"Ok..." you said... still yawning.

You made your way to your own room, which was now next to to Toby's, and plopped on the bed and fell asleep.


You woke up, looking at the clock.

11:56!!!! P.M.!!

'Maybe Toby forgot to wake me up...' You thought

You made your way down the stairs and looked for Toby. You were about to walk up to him when you realized...

He's not alone...

You look to see someone else with him... a girl?! She looked 18 years old almost and had long hair. she was pale... almost as pale as Toby. You were facing her to where Toby's back was to you and she was facing you.

She noticed you looking at her and that's when you noticed she had a smile like Jeff's except it was stitched up. She also had one eye missing and replaced with... a clock...

She grabbed Toby by the hand and he and she walked towards you happily smiling at you. You looked at the timer... ten seconds till midnight...


"Toby what are you doing? Who is this?" You asked, holding back tears.


"This is my girlfriend... Clockwork..." he said as he smiled at her and held her hand more.


"B-But... I thought..." You stuttered.


"Listen honey, he doesn't like you!" The girl named clockwork said.


"Your a mortal! Get out of here and away from me and my Toby!" She said practically screaming at you.


"Toby?" You said, fighting the tears.


"Yes, (Y/N)?" He said calmly.


"What's your New Years resolution?" You said choking on your tears.


And when the timer reached two, it's as if the world slowed down.

"It's to be with someone I deserve best... like my Clockwork."


You horrifyingly (is that a real word?!) watched as Clockwork and Toby's lips came closer...

...and closer, until she looked at you... stopping time as you know it... and said to you something that made you get goosebumps.

"Your time is up..."

"(Y/N)!!!" Toby screamed, waking me up.

'It was a dream?!' You thought
'But it was so real!!'

"You had a nightmare." Toby said.
Then I realized he had a bruise on his left cheek.

"Oh... Toby..." I said as I rubbed his bruise.

"Oh... it's nothing I... can't feel it." He said slightly smiling.

I looked at the time... it was 12:00 A.M.!! He noticed this and as everyone cheered downstairs we learned in for a New Years kiss.

After a while, we broke away and he whispered "Happy New Years sweetheart..." before leaving me be.

"Wait. Toby?" I said grabbing his hand as his grabbed the doorknob.

"Y-Yes (Y/N)?" He stuttered.


"Do you know anyone named... I mean probably not but... do you know someone named Clockwork?"

I froze in my spot. How did she know about Clockwork? I tried my best to swallow the lump in my throat and said,

"Y-Yes? H-How do you k-know
C-Clockwork?" My neck twitched uncontrollably. (Y/N) looked like she just saw a puppy get murdered by a bear. She looked... heartbroken.

I went to go comfort her but she held back the tears and said she would talk to me about it tomorrow. I looked over at the clock. 12:04 A.M., 'wow' I thought.

I never thought a new problem could be made in 4 minutes.

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