An Early Christmas Present~ Chapter 19

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Almost a year later~~


I woke up, shivering because the window was left open. I looked up to see Toby, asleep and softly snoring. I giggled and got out of bed cautiously, not to wake him up.
I made my way to the window, hugging myself tightly for warmth when I look outside to see a thick layer of snow. My eyes widened with excitement when I looked at my watch and it read "9:15 a.m. December 24, 2014".'s Christmas Eve!! I thought.

I shut the window and jump onto the bed, squeaking like a six year old, "Toby!! Toby Toby Toby!!" I squealed, earning moans from him. I cross my arms and quiver my lip, pouting, "Come on! Get up!"
"Nooooooo!" He whined, pulling a pillow over his head. I laid next to him, "Please? Pretty please with waffles on top?" I said, smirking.
He opened his eyes, smiling. Then said "Ok, fine...". I threw my fists in the air in excitement and rushed to my jacket, still covered in my blood stains.
I was about to put it on pitifully when Toby grabbed it from my hands and handed me an orange jacket. "You can use this instead." He said. "Thank you." I said as I put it on.
We made our way down the stairs when Slender stopped us. "Where do you think you're going?" He said. "We are going to play in the snow!!" I said.
"Ok, just make sure to-" but Slender didn't get to finish his sentence before me and Toby sprinted outside, along with Masky and Laughing Jack.
Once we get outside Masky screams, "Last one in the snow is leftover cheesecake!" We all stare at eachother confused, the race to the snow.
The snow had to be about 5 feet high. I throw a snowball at Toby, who pounces on me, sending us both crashing down into the snow while laughing hysterically.
He kisses me, and once he breaks the kiss, shoves a snowball in my face. I get up pelting him with snowballs, and I threw one at him when he dodges it, and it hits laughing Jack smack on the nose, leaving a bit of snow on it as well.
We all hold our sides in laughter ignoring the snowballs being pelted at us from laughing Jack when we realize Masky had been making a snow fort.
"Get him!" I scream, and me, Toby, and Laughing Jack all pounce on Masky, pelting him with snowballs. It took me a while to wriggle out of the dog pile and look through the mansion window to see Jeff on the couch, still battered and bruised, watching Ben play video games.
I grab some snow and make my way inside the mansion.


I watched Ben play his game when (Y/N) came in, holding something behind her back. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.
"W-what are you doing?" I asked.
She didn't say a word and pulled out the something from behind her back and threw the snowball at me laughing in victory.
I wiped off the snow and ran after her, sending her screaming outside.
Once I got outside, I was being pelted with snowballs and quickly jumped into the 5-foot-tall snow. I used the thickness of the snow to my ability and dug a cave through the snow.
I had to use my knife to make some of the cave when something big came crashing through the top and started to lick my face.
"Smile!!" I said laughing. Smile Dog loved the winter especially when it was snowing.
I started making my cave again when smile started making one of his.
I made myself a little cave about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide and huddled there when I heard (Y/N) crawling in one of my tunnels.
"I think he went this way!" She said. before turning the corner into my little area.
I pressed against the end of the tunnel, trying to find a way out as she wriggled out of the tunnel when the roof started to collapse and considering it was two feet of snow.
Before the heavy snow fell, I pushed (Y/N) back into the tunnel, before 20 pounds of hard snow came down on me as well as darkness.


I watched the top of Jeff's snow fort collapse and (Y/N) pops out of the ground. She struggles to get out, while me and Masky pull her up.
"Are you okay?!" I ask worried. "Yah I guess..." she said looking at the pile of collapsed snow. "W-Where's Jeff?" I asked looking for him.
Laughing Jack is looking for Jeff with Smile when Smile Dog stops at the collapsed snow pile and starts digging.
After about 5 minutes of digging we uncover Jeff, his nose bleeding, staining the snow under him. Laughing Jack finds a snowball an puts it up to Jeff's nose.
Jeff wakes up, clutching his head. "Ugh, what h-happened?" He said.
"Your snow fort collapsed and you hit your head pretty hard... Are you okay?"
Masky asked, offering a hand while Jeff got up.
"I'm fine." Jeff muttered. After that, Jeff went inside and we all continued our snowball fight as (Y/N) stood to the side, petting Smile Dog.
I stopped playing and went over to her, holding something behind my back. "I got you something." I said. "Really?" She said, her eyes getting big.
"Yup, and... I-I'm sure you'll like it..." I said, pulling it out from behind my back.
"H-How did you-" she started to say but was cut off when my lips crashed onto hers.

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