My Bully Loves Me?! |park Seonghwa|

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-Seonghwa followed y/n to the girls bathroom and peeked to look at you.

Y/n:why?! *you said punching the mirror in front of you and cried*WHY DO I DESERVE THIS?!

-Seonghwa came inside and hold your wrist stopping you from punching the mirror with your bleeding hand.

SH:Y/N listen, stop doing that. If you keep on doing this you'll ruin your life. *he said sincerely*

Y/N: Why do care so much about me huh?! TELL ME! *you punched him lightly since you had no strength*

-Out of nowhere you fainted luckily Seonghwa caught you before you hit your head on the ground and took you to the sick room.

_After the nurse checked you up_

-The rest of ATEEZ cameand took a look at you. They felt sorry for their behaviour towards you even your brother jongho.

JH(jongho): Sis i am sorry for whati did. I didn't knew you were being abused behind my back. I am sorry. *he grabbed your hand and cried. Yeosang patted his back*

Mingi: Bro we should apologize for out behaviour towards her.

HJ(hongjoong): yeah we totally should do that.

-All of them stared at seonghwa who was now holding your hands with his eyes watering and he finally gave up and started crying.

Mingi: Hey seonghwa stop crying. Y/n won't like if she woke up to you crying.

Y/n: That's true. *you said wide awake now trying to sit*

San: When were you awake?

Y/n: When seonghwa started crying. *you sigh*

SH:I'm sorry. *he cried holding both of your hands asking for forgiveness*

-The others joined him as well.

WY(wooyoung) : please y/n forgive us for being rude to you we didn't knew what you were going through.

YS(Yeosang):I'm sorry y/n for breaking our friendship. I'm sorry for bullying you. I'm sorry for the way I acted towards you.

Y/N: *cried along with them* i forgive you all.

SH: REALLY?! *he said shooked*
(He's shooked man, 😂 sorry)

Y/n: Yeah i forgive you all but in return i need a favour.

All: what is it?

Y/N: *smirks* well-

JH: I don't know why i just hate your smirk y/n.

Y/n: *laughs* Common buying me food daily and get me a boyfriend isn't that bad jongho.


Y/N: Okay brother susan *gives flying kiss*

JH: YAH! I meant you.

Y/N: My name is Ms Choi y/n. *flips hair*

-All of them laughed at your behaviour.

_Few weeks later_

-You kept getting small letter with a rose which was your favorite flower everyday. You were really curious about it.

Y/n: Hey jongho! *waves at him*

JH: Yeah sis *he came in front of you*

Y/n:Do you perhaps know who's my secret admirer?

JH: Duh- i mean maybe a guy around. *he cussed at himself*

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